Chapter 55

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I was making my way home when some shit that didn't feel right hit my stomach. Something was telling me to call my nephew trent. I called but no one answerd.

I called again and the same thing happened. Then big black called me.

Eddie- yo why Trent no answering his phone?

Big black- Im out of state and I need to you to go by his his crib right fuckung now! Cuh right fucking now!

He was breathing hard as hell

Eddie- yo chill what happened man I'm on my way

Big black- they shot him one of my workers shot my got damn son mofos gone get it!

He said that shit with so much venom

Eddie- how you you know he shot?

Big black- cause nigga we got cameras in our shit and this nigga talk bout he gonna bring mexico over here and my son threw the war code sign shit. They after toya man we better get this shit done now!

Eddie- fuck! Aight I'm at his crib I'll call you back

Big black- aight and Eddie

Eddie- talk to meh

Big black- if my son don't make it imma literally sink the entire mexico children and all

He hung up and I knew he ment that shit. The door was already wide open and I ran towards his room first. When I got in there I almost cried my Lil nigga was clinging to life. I picked him up and ran to my car and drove him to the hospital. 

6 hours later

The doctors came out and told me he ok but he in acoma due to the massive blood lost. This nigga got shot bout 4 times one bullet they couldn't remove from his leg.  I sighed and called big black and have the doctors explain what happened.

The doctor gave me the phone back and I went to go check on toya. I drove to Kirko house prayed she ok. Cause he and she not picking up either. I got there and these mofos was here.

I picked the two bitch made locks he had and walked in. I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich  in the middle if that here thee two loves birds go. Wrapped in towels carrying on. I watched toya look at her phone. And called me back.  Soon and my phone rung  they both jumped holding they towels.

I finished making me food and told them to get dressed we shipping them off to Cali with Trina and Nike. They looked confused but they did it anyway.

They was taking forever so I told them to meet me and tevin and sebastion crib. They agreed and I left. As I was driving something told me to pull over and wait.

I did and I waited a good 5 mins I saw Kirko car coming and again my gut told me to go but go in front of them. Soon as I did that somebody shot my tires and my car did flips.

I smelled gasoline and I knew this was a ticking bomb I heard toya screaming and more gun shots.

I got yanked out and oulled to side. Just in a nick of time the car explosed. the ambulance came mins after. I told Kirko to go to tevin house and find out what's going on. I blacked out.


I don't know what the hell is happing but I feel something bad is coming. Some nigga shot at me but poorly missed. I told toya to go back in the car and duck and shoot. I pulled Eddie out and he told me to hurry and go to tevin.

10 mins later

We get to they crib and these niggas was all on the phone speaking Spanish. They eventually hung up and told us what was up. They put my dawg in the hospital and he fighting for his life.

They also said whoever Zack was talking to some niggas already made touch down in G.a and is looking for toya as we speak. The person who shot at Eddie was Zack himself. I was mad asf that I could murk his ass.  They got they old gang in mexico coming and its finna dirty down here.

Toya looked hella scared. "All this bullshit cause of being friendzoned! Really! I'm fighting to" she yelled out. Soon as we heard the last part we busted out laughing. She ain't gonna do shit but fly ha ass with Trina.

Toya phone went off and it was ha pops. She put it on speaker and this nigga was flamming.

Pop's- toya bring yo ass Here right fucking now. They tried to snatch my wife up at Walmart at wal fucking mark. Then they put my kids in the damn hosptial. Y'all didn't here this shit yet. Tracy got stabbed in the fucking back. Like she pregnant tf! Then soon as Nike and Trina got on the terminal some car tried to ram they ass.

Tf is wrong with they ass. You got 10 mins you going to mexico tonight!

Everyone- what the hell!!

Pops- listen youngins. Y'all is taking a ship to a private island that island has no fuckung name. I naught the shit and put and airport there no one knows about it but me ya mom's Eddie big black and BD. When you land in mexico they gone think yo ass in the Caribbean somewhere boom that's a distraction from they ass. They not gone think to look where the hell they live at for them. As for us we gone strap up and make this move so don't question me JUST BRING YO ASS!

He hung up and toya was in tears. We all got into the bullet proof charger. We made it to pops crib without being followed.  I got our the car and helped her or her things in pops car. I didn't know she was be leaving me so soon.

Time was ticking and we had to go. She gave everyone hugs and said goodbye.  I hugged her and have her a deep passionate kiss. I looked her in her eyes and wipped her tears.

Toya- I can't lose you

She  said barely above a whisper

Kirko- I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here when you get back imma call you when I can ok baby stop crying be strong ma.

Toya- I love you

Kirko- I love you to

The driver pulled us apart and I sighed. Time to go to work.

Sorry peeps I was on vacation and y'all know the ocean has no signal so here's y'all update.

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