Chapter Three: Dracula.

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Everyone knows his story, how he terrorized everyone in Europe, how he created some like him, creatures of the night, always lurking in the shadows, everyone knows his story... Or at least that's what they think...

This is the story about how everything began, how he became the monster that everyone seems to know about. You may know him as Count Vladimir Draculea, but mostly by his other name Dracula.

Vladimir, wasnt always the monster he is known to be, before that he was an honest man, he lived in the place we know as Rumania. He was a sheperd, had a wife and two beautiful kids, a son and a daughter. They lived in peace but his country was at war at that time.

One day a woman whom beauty was undescribable arrived crying with her clothes teared up and scars al over her body. Vlad and his family helped the woman without hesitation. She told them that her home sudently became a war field, her husband was killed by the soilders and she barely had time to escape.

She lived with the family since that day, and with every day that passed, she started to fall in love with Vladimir. One day his wife and kids went to the town for groceries, while the woman and Vlad stayed at home. She saw an oportunity and tried to seduce him, but Vlad was an honest man and loved very much his wife, so he resisted the temptation and rejected her. When she saw that she didn't have an oportunity with him she enraged. Sudently her eyes turned a bright red, and with a single movement from her hand she made Vladimir levitate and choke.

She told him that she was a powerfull witch, that's how she survived the war, by killing every single soilder. She told him that if he was not going to be for her then she would curse him for eternity. Sudently a lightning bolt went out from her hand and striked Vlad making him feel a pain that no one has ever been able to describe, his eyes turned a bright red, his muscles became bigger, almost tearing his skin apart, and he grew fangs in his mouth. After that he layed on the floor and the witch said to him that he gained abilities, a lot of them, but he also gained a curse, he would have to wander alone for eternity and that would be his punishment.

After that Vladimir blacked out, when he woke up he was completely normal as if he was never a monster. His family was already back and he told them what hapened. They lived scared for a few days, and since he didn't saw any changes he tought it was a fake curse. But, ever since the day the witch cursed him, he couldn't satisfy his thirst with anything, not wine, neither water, could ease the craving that had been growing inside of him.

One day, he was on the field when sudently he smelled something.. He did not knew what it was but, he sudently became really hungry and like hypnotised he went right to where he smelt that. The odor directed him to his house, when he went inside he saw his daugther with a scar on her knee, she was bleeding. He didn't know why he was feeling like that but it was like he was hungry for the blood. When he helped his daughter a drop of blood landed on his lips. Sudently his eyes turned red again, his muscles and fangs grew and he lost control of himself, he was inside of himself watching as he teared apart his own family member by member, leaving them without an ounce of blood, unable to do something, unable to control himself.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in the middle of the town and every single person on the town was torn apart. And that was the day he realized that his soul died the moment he killed his family, and he became something else.

He became the monster we know.

Time passed and he traveled to a place called Tranzilvania where he obligated the people to make him a castle and since that day he lives there, just waiting for the day when he can die and rest peacefully with his family.


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