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Awhile back me and Jacob were trying to have a baby for the longest. We tried and tried and tried! But it just wouldn't happen. I remember the day I finally got pregnant, we were chillin in the living room and I decided to take another test. It read positive, I never saw Jacob that happy in my life. But come to find out ... Three months into my pregnancy ....i miscarried.

From then , he changed.

Jacob : Baby I'm soo sorry. Why didn't you te-

Jordan: I just couldn't okay?! Now come on , let's go get the last of my stuff. It's mainly pictures and stuff.


She hasn't been home. I miss her , as I hate her for leaving me. Just.... Why? All because of this new nigga. Yea I messed around , but it was never serious.

Jordan: *whispers* I don't think he's home-


Jordan: out. Moving. So?

He turns around.

Jacob l: he's here isn't he?

Jordan: so what if he is?! He just brought me over to get my stuff.

The last thing a heard him say was "this the last time he gon take you from me".

He ran to the room and grabbed his gun and rushed outside.

Jordan: JACOB NO!!

I try to grab him .... No luck. He slipped my grip. He starts shooting at Jacob and the car. I run after him as fast as I can. Screaming at the top of my lungs.

Jordan: JACOB STOP NOW! What are you doing?

Jacob l : he's trying to take you , and my baby. *points gun at Jacobs Head*

Jordan: Jacob we lost emerald years ago babe. She's gone.

Jacob l: no. She ... She's still here ... She's-

Jacob fell on the concrete as tears pored down his face. I lean down hugging him tight. I look at Jacob mouthing "you ok", he nods and ducks back down.

Jordan: it's not your fault Jacob, let it go baby.

Jacob l: but but she's my baby girl-

Jordan: it's not your fault. *hugs tighter*

Jacob l: y-y-your right it's not m-m-my fault.

He roughly pushes me to the side and picks up his gun.

Jacob: ITS YOURS!!!

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