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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 6

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His warm lips were placed on mine and I felt my inside explode. People always describe this as fireworks but that didn't even describe half of it. Nothing could even be compared to this. I have never felt anything like it. Even when I was around Jessie this never happened. I probably shouldn't enjoy it as much as I did but I kept going. I felt like I was being flipped inside out and my heart was on fire and the ashes were burning my body. But it only felt like small sparks that when they hit your skin made you shiver with pleasure. The warmth then seemed to go through my whole body and I felt like I was about to explode into a million pieces. This felt so wrong for some reason but I wanted this so badly deep down.

My lips were moving slowly in sync with his at first and everything around me seemed to become invisible and freeze. Time stopped and the only thing I could think about was him. How perfect this moment was. But I still in the back of my mind knew that this wasn't right.

I didn't want anything to go to any type of next level though so I pulled away. He seemed confused at first but then went to a straight face. Great, I just ruined any chance I even remotely had. I know what happens next, we both go back down and meet up with Kylie and the rest of the guys and we put on a, oh nothing happened face. After that we leave and are still thinking about the kiss and all. But then we'll never see each other again and everything gets forgotten. He might be able to forget about it easily but I don't know if I can. I don't even know what I'm feeling or thinking anymore because I'm acting like Iv'e known him for a while now when I don't even know his last name. It's just that I have never had any feeling like that before and I don't know if I want that to just disappear.

After I think about this I feel embarass for pulling away. I can feel my cheeks start to heat and my palms get sweaty. I look at him thinking of anything to say to stop this quiet uncomfortable feeling. Of course now all the city noise seems faded and all I can hear is my own breaths.

He then clears his throat, still with a straight face, and grabs his phone from his pocket. The screen lights up when he presses the button and he stares at it for a second. How is this not bothering him as much as it is bothering me. Is he just trying to play it out with a, oh ya that was just another stupid hook up or something? This whole situation is just starting to become uncomfortable. I look at the city again and realize this is probably the last time i'll ever come here.

"We should head out the guys are looking for us," He starts to get up. When he does he extends his hand to me and I hesitate before taking it.

Right when my ice cold hands touch his they become warm and again I feel my stomach get tight and a smile grow on my face. Maybe that really was something to him? I was probably just over reacting before. I'm being so annoying with my emotions I need to stop.

He pulls me up and I brush off the dust that was on my sundress. But that was no help and now I have huge spots of black on my dress. I laugh a little at myself because this really didn't surprise me at all.

"How do we get down now?" I ask remembering how I almost fell off last time I attempted to just get up here.

"Well... We kinda have to go the same way down," He starts scratching his head and gives me a nervous smile like I'm about to blow up at him.

"Oh god," I say giving a sigh followed by a slight laugh. He starts laughing too and we make our way over to the pegs we came up on.

I look down and stare at the ground. This will be interesting and a good story one day if I don't fall.

"I'll go first. Then you can come after," I nod and give him a smile. He gets himself prepared to climb down. He starts climbing down and when he gets to the bottom looks up at me.

"Remember, you won't fall because I'll catch if you did," My face turns from nervous to a smile. He makes me feel safe, even if we were about to die, I would believe his words.

I start to climb down and I seemed faster then going up. Once I hit the bottom I feel my courageous about climbing all this.

After about ten minutes we get to the ground. I look up and see the Christmas lights still shinning above. I really hope one day I'll come back here again.

We make our way over to the car and I open the door. I get into the passenger seat and once my skin touches the seat it freezes. I start to shiver and realize that the whole car is colder than it is outside. Once Niall gets in and turns on the car I start pressing all the buttons I think would turn on the heat seater. He starts laughing and I look at him before giving him a glare.

"Why is your car so damn cold!" I yell at him while laughing as well.

"It might help If you pushed the right button," He says before pressing the one button I of course didn't press. The seat immediately starts to get warm and I feel my body lay back relieved.

"I knew it was that button," I say and see him roll his eyes before pulling his phone out of his pocket again.

"Apparently your friends has been screaming and kicking Harry for over and hour telling him to bring you," I laugh at the typical Kylie move and also at the image of her kicking Harry. I then feel bad for leaving her with them for a couple hours. But at the same time she kinda deserved it.

"We should probably get back before she attempts to kill him,"

"If she could even," I turn to Niall and give him a no way face.

"Trust me on this. Kylie is not the type of girl who has no muscles or body strength whatsoever,"

"Well then good luck to Harry,"

After about twenty minutes of driving in silence we pull up to a apartment complex.

"Is this were you guys live?" The complex seemed really fancy and nice. They were more of modern apartment and there were huge oak trees surrounding the area. We must be near the ocean too because there were a bunch of people with bathing suits and surfers walking around. They were probably heading home now since it was close to dark out.

"Ya we all have our own apartments on the same floor," He then gets out of the car and comes around to my side before opening the door.

I slowly push myself out of the warm seat before stepping onto the street. As soon as I close the door he takes my hand and I can't help but smile. Im smiling too much today but I don't care as of right now.

We walk right towards the door which leads to the complexes. Right as I'm about to get to the door I feel someone slam into my body and start laughing. I back away in annoyance and look at who bumped into me. As soon as I see who it is my eyes go wide and my hands turn into fist.



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