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|quick thing b4 chap starts thanks so much for 200+ reads!!! AND GRASER ONG HE'S SO CUTE!!! Awww|


Katie's POV


It's the day after thanksgiving and there is a lot of left-overs so I have mashed potatoes for breakfast... So healthy ;)

I get on team speak and Mitch, bee, will, and Jordan are there, couples

(I'm pretending Will and Jordan are a couple bc it's cute and #kiani 5ever but they are fighting now so I'm sad)

"Hi guys!" I say

"Hi Katie" says Mitch

"Hi Kate" says Will and Jordan

"Who's this" says bee

"Oh uhh" I say

"This is Katie, Zach's girlfriend" says Mitch

"Aww how adorable" says bee

"Oh my gosh Bee!! I love you so much" I say fangirling (like I wasn't before that all that has happened to me)

"Aww! I love you too!" Says bee

"Hey! You said you loved me!" Says Mitch

"I love all of you" I say

I hear my phone ring, Zach texted me

"Get on teamspeak my love" he says

"Awww, I'm already on talking to Bee, Mitch, Jordan, and Will" I respond

"Ok, I'm getting on in a second :D" he says

"Ok <3" I reply

Zach gets on teamspeak and we greet him nicely

"HEY BITCH" says Mitch

"Aww love you too Mitchy" says Zach

"Graserberryjam" I say

"Shut up Katie!!" Says Mitch playfully

"Fine then" I say and I mute my mic

"Oh my gosh your so mean! Come back!!!" Says bee

I un-mute my mic

"Kidding Katie! You know I love you" says Mitch

"I know you love me you Strauberry!" I say

"Hey Mitch, stop saying I love you to Kate,She's mine... If you wanna say I love you to someone go tell bee, ya thirsty bitch" Zach says jokingly

We laugh

"Dude what the hell!" Jordan says dying of laughter

"Just kidding guys" Zach says

I'm laughing so hard I start choking


"Katie wtf are you ok?" Asks Zach laughing

I cough and try to breath normally

"Yes" I say giggling

"That was so funny" says bee

We talk for a bit more and Jordan, will, Mitch, and bee leave

"Tomorrow you are coming home!!!" Says Zach very excited

"I know!!" I say

"I have been very lonely, all by myself no one to hug or cuddle with" he says

"Aww, you have your cats though" I say

"But they don't hug as well as you do" he says

"Awww, you are so cute!" I say

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