Game Over [AlphaBAT/E:psilon]

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It was getting out of hand for Youngjin. He could feel her stares piercing his back every time they practiced, and even though he tried to be as blunt as possible with himself and distance his mind from her to focus on his job, but it became an almost impossible task to do; she always popped up in his thoughts, and it was not good for his feelings.

The girl in question was Kelly, one of Simtong's dance coaches and an occasional backup dancer. She had been assigned the monitoring of the AB City choreography for an upcoming kpop festival, and when Youngjin found out he couldn't have been more nervous.

They felt something for each other since the first day they met, and there was no one in the whole group that could deny it. The difference is that Youngjin never made the moves, being the shy type. Instead, Kelly took the initiative, but in her own way: she always treated him different, making him feel special and getting his hopes up, but then she'd do something to embarrass him, bringing his happiness to the ground. Even though he knew there was something going on, he had never gathered enough courage to ask her, but it had to change.

That day, only a few of the members were practicing as the others had different individual schedules to attend. It was only Youngjin, Suyeob, Junsu, Sanghun, and Sanha, and they were having fun practicing alone even though it was hard at first with the absence of half the group.

They all felt comfortable except for Youngjin, who missed a few steps in the beginning as he tried to concentrate in his feet and not the girl behind them. She had scolded him because of this and almost yelled at him, and he could've sworn he saw a playful smile on her face the last time he made a mistake, but he soon forgot about it.

A few more hours passed until everything was done, and while everyone was chatting and ordering their things he started thinking about all the different ways he could tell her about how he felt. Taking a little bit longer, he excused himself saying that he had lost something and that he would stay to look for it, gaining curious looks from the other members but no one questioned his actual intentions. He knew Kelly would stay to practice herself, so he decided he would take advantage of that.

"Kelly noona, can we speak for a moment?" Youngjin asked when everyone else had already left the room. He felt his hands sweat, and wondered if it was because of the practice or because he was nervous.

"Sure, Youngjin-ah, what's going on?" she asked, turning around and giving him a gentle smile, which looked fake for a moment. He thought for a moment before feeling the words leave his mouth in a hurry.

"Was I really doing the steps wrong? I mean, I'm used to do it, I don't think there's anything bad in how I do it," her expression turned into a surprised one, then in a serious one. She crossed her arms, as if expecting him to say something else. "I-I'm not saying that you're the one who's wrong here, I just... didn't notice it."

"Well, you did make a small mistake," she admitted with an annoyed tone while furrowing her eyebrows, her eyes never leaving his, "but other than that you were good. You can leave now," She turned around and kneeled to keep gathering her stuff, and Youngjin couldn't handle the coldness anymore.

"Noona, why are you like this to me?" he wondered out loud, and Kelly just didn't move for a moment. "Ah, you know that I try my best, why do you treat me like I'm dumb some times?" his head fell a little bit and he bit his lip, trying not to add the typical 'I like you' as an excuse for her to be nice too.

"You're a good kid, Youngjin," she replied, slowly lifting her body and turning around once again, "but you're too good. I'm trying for you to see how much you can take. You need to loosen up a little bit, defy the rules, I don't know; you're still a little bit innocent... and that's a shame," she said, bringing her hand up and slowly tracing a line in his arm with her index finger. That was the last straw for him.

Closing the space between them, he grabbed one of her arms and brought her closer to his body, with a small smile on his face. Shocked, she opened her mouth to protest but froze in place when he put his finger to his lips.

"So, you've been playing games with me this whole time, even if you knew how I felt?" his voice was now low and slightly seductive, which surprised even himself. Relaxing the grip on her arm, his hand started to roam her skin while the other one carefully caressed her cheek. "You're a tricky one, noona." She limited to nod, and after a moment his thumb moved along to her lips.

It was just an instant he needed to bring their mouths together; it was just superficial for a minute, but it soon developed into a more passionate kiss. Their lips were moving in concord, as if they knew exactly what to do and as though they couldn't get enough of each other. One of his hands was in her waist while the other one held hers, and her free hand was placed in his chest. They didn't know for how long they had been there, but as soon as he broke the kiss, it felt as if all the time in the world had stopped. She rested her forehead on his, both with their eyes closed.

"Wow," Youngjin said, steadying his breath as much as he could and realizing what had just taken place. Shocked, he opened his eyes and separated himself from her, walking back a few steps. "Noona, I don't know what happened- I'm so, so sorry. I'll better leave now." He turned around fast when her voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Wait, Youngjin," Kelly almost sounded pleading, and he couldn't help but hope that she wasn't mad at him. "Are you seriously going to leave? That was just... amazing." He turned around and saw the biggest smile plastered on her face. He felt his knees go weak but composed himself before speaking.

"So, you're not angry with me?"

"Should I be?" she replied with another question and walked towards him. "As I said, that was amazing. And I can't say that I wasn't waiting for that for a while." She looked up at him, her eyes seemingly glowing, and he thought that she was one of, if not, the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Smiling and putting his arms around her, he nuzzled her neck, making her giggle while her arms snaked around his waist.

"Noona, can I just ask for one thing?" he felt so comfortable against her skin that he couldn't help but kiss it lightly before burying his face in her hair a little bit more. "No more games, please."

"Okay," she replied, tightening the hug, "no more games."


Request for KellBell93! I tried to do my best at this but I kept stopping because I was never fully comfortable with what I had written >.< I hope you understand why I took so long. Well, anyways, there's another oneshot coming later today, so keep an eye out for that one! I hope you like it and thanks for 700+ reads! ♥

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