Sesillia Somner

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Hello there! Sesillia will tell you about her story, but first let me introduce her.

Her full name is Sesillia Amethyst Somner. People call her Sesillia or Amy, as some of her closest friends call her. She is currently in high school, but this story is going to start in her middle school years.

Sesillia has one older brother, Norman Roosevelt Somner. He has a very distant age difference with Sesillia, because he just started college the day Sesillia set foot in seventh grade.

Then, there's Callum Apollo Keller, more commonly addressed as Cal. Cal is a very dear cousin of Sesillia and Norman. Cal spends most of his time at the Somner's rather than his own place, along with his little brother Russell Elliot Keller, usually go by the name of just Elliot or just El.

Sesillia hangs out with the guys. She's more of that doesn't-give-a-damn type of people with the drama girls cause, but she still is feminime. She rarely finds herself having troubles with guys, until one day when she discovered something.

Suddenly, all of Sesillia's world turned upside down. She didn't expect being involved with guys could be this much catastrophe.

Let's read how Sesillia handled her ups and downs, and how she deals with her complications.

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