chapter 2

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Ever since i got that acceptance letter about being able to go to the college that I want and getting full scholership. I ran down and told my parents but as I was running down the stairs I heard yelling and and agruments. I was behind the wall listening and being quiet and d sure that they didnt hear me. 

"You have no right to tlak to me in that way!!"  my mom screamed

"stop yelling at me!!" 

"you are the one that pressured the kids everywhere, that's not what they wanted! That's what you wanted. i didn't even want that for them!" my mom said

"So you wanted for them to not be successful in life like we did? no thats what i thought so stop yelling at me and blaming me for this!!" my dad yelled 

"I wasn't saying that i wanted that them to... look at Tyler!! he is happy just because he didn't want to listen to you!!!" mother screamed. 

"But look at Marina! she's doing wonderful in school because she follows the rules!" my father said. That's when i had come out and faced them.

"I follow the rules to make you people happy but who said i was happy with the rules?" I said and they both turned to me. And looked at me. "how long have you been standing there?" my father asked.

''You haven't answered my question. who said I was happy with the rules? or is that what you assumed dad because I've followed the rules but I applied for what I wanted to do in life... not what you decided for me" i said and his eyes when wide. 

" YOU WHAT!!" he said. "yes dad, I didn't apply to be a doctor like you said. I applied for photography... I send the application with some of my pictures and I came to tell you guy that they gave me a scholarship and got accepted." I told my father. He looked at me and walked away. He didn't even say a word. "That's what I thought". I went up to my room and just looked at the moon glowing in my room. I was able to feel the tears in my eyes building up and about to cry. I heard a knock on the other window. The side of the neighbors house (Aaron's house -.-). Before I could open the door I cleared my eyes and opened the window and there he was on the other side of his window smiling.God he is adorable... no marina you cant have a crush on him. Hope he doesn't ask if I was crying or why I'm crying.

"Hey" he said.

"whats up?" I responded

" nothing much. whats all the yelling? it woke me up." he said. Gee parents couldn't you be more quieter. oh you too so don't just blame your parents. My self conscious told me. "well nothing really. Everything is okay" I told him.

"Are you sure?  Nothing bad? you know you can count on me right?" he said. 

"yea I'm sure, and I just met you. how can I trust you that fast?" I asked him. "Well true but guess what you don't know how i am and don't even know if I've gone through the same thing or not. you know nothing and I can help you" he said. Wow that surprised me. Like he care about me that much  that he wants to help me about my parents... I just stood there and I didn't know what to tell him.

Aaron's p.o.v

I was talking to Marina earlier and after she left i decided to just sleep. I was falling asleep and I heard yelling. l looked over to the window and see if she was sleeping but her lights were off. I got up and I went over to check if everything was okay. 

As I got to the door I heard Marina's voice. She is so beautiful. she has an amazing voice... what am I thinking? I'm so stupid. she will never love me or have a crush on me. And if she gets to the point of doing so she wont love me after I tell her what I've gone through my entire life, and I'm guessing she is going through that right now, that's why I'm coming over and be with her.. no I cant do that. "I'm nothing to her" i said quietly enough for them to not hear me.

I went home and went to my room and just fell back on my bed. I was just thinking...

of her...

I wonder if she was okay? How is she feeling about this? i know what's it like. I want to help her. She is so beautiful. From the moment I saw her in school. No!!! I can't have a crush on her or get to the point to were I love her. I will end up hurting her. 

My mind kept thinking of Marina. Everything about her. But someone thing distracted me from thought when I saw Marina's lights go on in her room. I saw her walk up to the window of where the moon was. She stood there and looking at the moon. why does she look at the moon so much? whats with the sunsets too? I walked up to my window and tried to reach on to her window and knock on it and went back. I saw her turn but before I saw like she had dried up a tear on her cheek. 

We had talked for a bit and asked if everything was OK because I had heard yelling and she had told me that everything was okay. I told her if she was sure and that she can trust me. She don't trust you dumb ass... she hardly knows you my self conscious had told me. And it was right because she had asked me how can she trust me when I hardly know her. I left her speechless after what I told her.

"Well true but guess what you don't know how i am and don't even know if I've gone through the same thing or not. you know nothing and I can help you". I said and she stood quiet for a awhile. 

"You don't know that. I have to go, good night" she said. Way to go Aaron. why would you say that? I asked my self. "Good night" and I went back to my room and tried to sleep.

Marina's p.o.v

"You don't know that. I have to go, good night" I said. I turned around and closed my window. I saw his face sadden. What did I do? I hurt him? Did he really care for me that fast? What did he mean by what he said? 

"You don't know that..."

"You don't know that..." 

"You don't know that..."

Those four words... the only four words i thought about all night... and a million questions to ask.

Did he love me?

Aaron's p.o.v

"You don't know that..."

Why do I keep thinking of those four word. I wonder what made her say that? A whole load of questions i asked my self and me with out knowing the answer. Why when she close the window and turn around.. I saw her face go sad? 

Does she love me?


sorry for not updating. I will update more soon... adn by soon i mean every saturday. Good night, Love you all...

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