Possible update tomorrow

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~Hola bitchachos!
I mean hello lovelies. I just got back from performing at the homecoming football game. Speaking of which, I was asked to homecoming (which is tomorrow) a couple of times, but I didn't agree to any of them.
I am literally skipping it, and driving to Schlitterbaughn (a waterpark in San Antonio, which is a few hours away from me) with my two amazing friends Iliana and Maya.
We're actually in a band. Get us famous.
Nah, we actually are though. We call ourselves JinX and if you are curious, you can search us up by simply searching 'She Wolf JinX' on YouTube, where you'll find three girls... the one in the middle is me. Don't laugh, I had tons of candy and was acting retarded. We just started playing instruments, i'm the guitarist, Maya's the drummer, Iliana's... contemplating xD
We are still getting that together so there's no covers with us actually playing anything so...
Okay, anyways since it's a long drive tomorrow i'll possibly be able to update before my phone dies cx But, you have to be patient because i'll probably be texting Lyssa through out the drive as well cx
I seriously love y'all all so much, if you want to suggest things for this fanfiction don't be shy.
If you're going to watch our JinX covers, can you pm me your thoughts? Thanks cx
I am a loser, with no friends so please pm me so I can act like i'm popular xD
I love you all! Baiiii, goodnight lovelies!
I'M GONNA GO EAT SOME TWINKIES! <3 xx ~ That random hoe bagel named Kayla~

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