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Troye's POV

He looks at me. I can't tell the emotion in his eyes, but there's one there. It's pretty deep too. I need to know what else happened. He wouldn't be this way over a little breakup. I guess it was the abuse? No. He's stronger than that. I need to know more. Not about the story. About him.

A couple minutes pass of him laying on my chest. I talk into his hair. "Thank you for telling me the story." He looks up at me. Our lips almost touch. I want to lean in so badly. He speaks, saying yet another heart breaking sentence, "I wasn't openly gay yet. After he broke it off, there was a dance." I can feel my face drop. Is he going to say what I think? I ask him before he has to say it. "Tyler. Did he tell everyone?" At this he starts crying. I knew it. But why would he be so mad? Why would something this little break a man this strong? What else happened?

I decide to drop it. "Do you want to watch a movie?" I ask him, and he nods. "What movies do you have?" His face lights up. "OOOOOOOOOOOOO LAY DOWN I HAVE A MOVIE WE NEED TO WATCH. AND BITCH I GOT NETFLIX"

Tyler's POV

When he said we should watch a movie I got so excited I almost peed my pants. And that's not an exaggeration. I put my favourite movie, 500 Day of Summer, on. It's the perfect movie. The movie loads as Troye and I get ready for bed. He puts on his pajamas across the room and dammmnnnnn bae got a nice body. I close the one window in the room. Well I keep it open, but close the blinds. The blackout blinds were quite a nice purchase. We cuddle up to each other when the movie finishes loading. I could get used to this. It was kind of nice having a roommate that doesn't slap me when I get back. For one hour of my life, I forgot about Jim. I think to myself. The name has such a negative influence on me. Maybe from now on I won't say it. Unless totally necessary. Yes. Not say the name. "Troye?" I turn to him, totally trusting he'll understand. "Can we not say the name Jim anymore. Unless totally necessary. Will you do that for me?" "Of course. Anything for you." He says. Does he really mean it? Just forget it Tyler. He's just doing it to be nice.

The movie starts and I lay my head on Troye's chest. He strokes my hair. For once, I turn from the movie, suddenly more interested in the beautiful boy whose chest I'm resting on. He's already looking at me. "What?" I ask, giggling. "You really love this movie don't you?" He asks. I scoff at him "Who doesn't?" His response shocks me. "I've never ever seen it." I roll off his answer, only noticing the way he always says ever or so multiple times. WAIT HE'S NEVER SEEN THIS?!?!!? "Two things... 1, Why do you always say 'ever' or 'so' more than once, and two IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS, WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!?" I yell. He laughs, throwing his head back. He looks me in my boring blue eyes with his mesmerizing ones. My eyes almost don't deserve his. "Because I have you to look at." Our eyes meet yet again. And this time is so different than every other time. There's electricity. For once there is no worry or sadness or secrets hidden in our eyes. It's just raw love. And care. And I want to kiss him so bad. He must want to kiss me too, because he leans in. "Ty?" He asks, and I get bummed. He just wants to ask me something. I sigh and exasperated "Yeah?" and he says "I've never kissed another boy before. Once it was a game. But never kissed someone because I care about them." His response is heartbreaking, and makes me look back at him. "Just let it happen. Like now." I say as I lean in. Our lips connect. They work so well together. His lips are so soft. And this sounds all cliche and shit but really. It works.

Troye's POV

I think he and I are thinking the same thing. Wow. Lips touchy touchy soft soft is good and happy. It almost makes the world disappear. We both pull away and he shuts the laptop. He leans in for another kiss, and damn I'm looking forward to it. And then someone knocks on the door. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST GOD DAMMIT the look on our face both says. "I'll get it." he says. He opens the door and I see a couple arms fold around him. He takes a step back. It's Connor. An obviously drunken Connor. "Tuler I luh yu thansh for openin the soor I no has key." "Yeah Connor it's bedtime. We'll figure it out in the morning." Tyler puts him to bed, and in a matter of seconds he's out. I lay down, tired too. One more free day, then I have to learn. I hear a soft ringtone, followed by "Troye. I know you're tired, but we have to go now." I get up and Tyler and I run to his car. Before I know it, I am in his passenger seat and he sits down and gives me a short lip peck before explaining where we are going, and why. As he is explaining, I get a phone call. From "Mum". I answer. I guess there's two reasons to go to where we're going. And I have a gut feeling we won't be leaving for a while.

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