Lashton - My Secret

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"So, Ashton, what's the most embarrassing thing that's happened on this tour, so far?"

I jumped a little, looking up worriedly at Ash. He wouldn't tell... would he?

A playful smirk played on Ashton's lips, as he thought of something. He glanced over at me, saw my facial expression, and quickly looked away. Please don't tell....

"Oh... was it something with Luke?" the interviewer questioned further, annoying me so badly.

Ash adjusted his shirt, before speaking. "Yeah, uh," Oh God here it comes. "Luke was wearing the most outrages boxers, and his pants were sagging on stage," he told her, smiling.

He looked over at me, and gave me a reassuring smile. I pretended to laugh along with the rest of the guys, and waited impatiently until the interview was over.

It finally ended, and the guys were headed back for the car. "Hey, I'm going to the restrooms," I said awkwardly, before walking away.

I was in front of the door, when I realized I had a follower. I jumped a little, and noticed Ash right behind me. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," he said. I just nodded once, and continued into the bathroom.

Once we were both inside, I heard the door lock, and suddenly I was pressed up against the wall, lips locking with mine.

I moaned softly into the kiss, feeling his hard on pressed against mine. "S-stop, I n-need to pee," I told him, trying to break out of his grasp.

"But Lukey, I want you to hold it," he whined, and I sighed.

"But Ashy," I mimicked. "Remember where that got me last time? I pissed myself."

"Nobody saw, though," he tried.

"You almost spilled during the interview."

"But I didn't," he said softly, getting close to my ear. "It was such a turn on to think about. I had a boner instantly."

I shivered as he gently grabbed me through my jeans, forcing me to give in. "Fine, but if I piss myself again, I swear-"

"You'll be fine," he muttered. "Let's go."

Since we had the rest of the day off, we decided to go see a movie, which I worried slightly about. Especially since Ashton ordered me a large sweet tea.

We had bought out the tickets, so we wouldn't have a problem with fans. Which, of course, meant we could do whatever we wanted, without worrying about our images.

Michael ended up sitting in the middle, two rows in front of Calum, who was slight off center. Ash and I, of course, sat in back middle, so the boys couldn't see us through their peripheral vision.

"Has the movie started yet?" Ash whined loudly, making Michael and Calum to whine in agreement. I just sat quietly, sipping my abnormally large drink.

"I want to suck you harder than you're sucking on that tea," Ash whispered, making me choke. The guys looked back in worry, and I just gave them a thumbs up, telling them I was fine.

After my coughing fit calmed down, I glared at Ashton. "What?" he asked, innocently.

I just rolled my eyes, and watched as the movie began to start.

Not even halfway through, I could feel the tea pushing at my bladder. And to make matters worse, Ashton somehow knew that I was becoming more desperate.

He grabbed me nonchalantly, making me jump a little. "Why are you being so secretive about this? We bought out the whole show. It's not like anybody's going to see you groping me," I muttered.

"You're right," he said smirking. He climbed on top of me, immediately grinding on me. I tried as hard as I could not to groan, in both pain and pleasure.

"I'm going to piss on you," I threatened.

"Do it," he dared, and continued to grind on me.

I smirked, and simply replied, "Okay," before relaxing.

Ashton dove for my neck, and started sucking. I felt warmth spreading through my tight jeans, and I think he felt it too, because he jumped.

He looked at me, eyebrows raised. I just smirked, and shrugged, before flipping him over, so I was on top of him.

I started to grind on him, as my bladder continued to empty. I think Ash was still in shock, but his dick told me he was enjoying it.

Suddenly, he crashed his lips onto mine, full force. I pushed his shoulders back roughly, telling him I was in control.

Ashton started thrusting his hips upward slightly, trying to get more friction. He moaned, as he achieved what he wanted, making me slip my tongue into his mouth to quiet him.

He started panting uncontrollably, letting me know he was close. I was pretty close myself, to be honest. Just because we were fully clothed, doesn't mean we can't get ourselves off.

I leaned in close to his ear, and whispered, "Come for me."

And that was it. He moaned as he came into his already soaked pants. His moans were enough for me. I bit down lightly on his neck, and panted heavily.

"Are you done yet?" a voice called, scaring us both half to death.

I quickly whipped my head around to see Calum looking annoyed, and Michael jacking to the sight of us.

I blushed lightly, and moved into my own seat, shamefully. "We are. I don't know about Mikey over there, though," Ashton took control, as we switched back our personalities.

Calum quickly turned around to see Michael pumping himself, grossing him out so badly. I just laughed, and continued to watch the movie.

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