Why is the world so cruel?

Why did people have to experience suffering?

Why is life so unfair?

God forbid, I have a list of questions on why we call life what it is.

Maybe it's because God chooses our destiny.

Maybe it's the beliefs of other people.

Maybe it's the way people dealed with their lives.

Maybe it's the different personalities of people that make life so difficult yet it gives you the power of determination to keep on living. Sadly enough, I lost that determination.

No, I did not commit suicide.

For years in my teenage life, I kept on trying to find a purpose of why I actually was alive, and why I lived on planet earth, and why I was chosen to have a life like what I had.

For years, I had to walk around the streets of Quebec, moping around and minding my own business, ignoring the stares I got from people who always looked like they pitied me, dragging my skateboard along from behind me.

For years and years, as each and every second went by, as the clock kept on ticking, I just kept on wasting time and energy. Who was I living for, anyway? It never made any sense to me, at all.

It wasn't fair.

It just wasn't fair.

And at the end of each day, I always preferred myself dead rather than alive.

My wish came true.

But now, all I wanted was for God to give me another chance.

To start over.

To find happiness.

To find a reason of why life was worth living.

To experience the real world.

To find my actual purpose in life.




But anywayyyy, so here's the prologue :D I tried my best to make it as unpredictable as possible XD I hope it worked.

Like I said, my aim in this story is to convince you all that life is worth living, one of the reasons being why I put suicide in the prologue.

If any of you are actually considering to commit suicide, or you know a person who is, then please do not hesitate to message me and talk to me. I will always be here. Just like every human on this planet, I've experienced the bad in life, but it does get better, and you will make it. You are a warrior; a survivor. You will win this war, I promise. 

Be brave and stand tall.

Also, just like most teenagers out there, I go to school, and it's stressful. Because I study in a college preparatory high school, we do college stuff, and it's really stressful.

So I'm not sure on when I can regularly update and I haven't really made a set schedule on when I will be updating because these days it's hard to find time to write my chapters but I will try my best.

ALSO for those who aren't Christian or Catholic like me, I hope you don't mind me mentioning God every now and then :) In Angel Beats they also mentioned "God" but considering the fact that I'm a Catholic, it seemed fitting. So hopefully it won't be an issue. Maybe this isn't really something important that I should discuss but I'm just making sure because people these days seem to overreact about things related to their religion. Whatever happened to peace bro lol. But yeah, I hope you guys understand :))) I just wanna make a good story for you guys :D

Okay that's all for now folks thanks for dealing with me XD

I love you all and thank you for reading! First chapter will be coming up after this (thanks for stating the obvious, Bernice lol).

- Bernice

(BTW imma start putting random songs and gifs/pictures and cool stuff like that on the side for you to enjoy with each chapter that I will be posting ^_^)

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