finding love

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        I told cream and rouge the dream about to find love before or at prom so me cream and rouge are at the park finding guys that match cosmo mina and julie

        we walked like an hour just to find someone until we saw a boy mongoose with black hair and a glasses and he look like mina

         "hey cream rouge look do you think mina will like him?"i ask them "yeah I think"cream said "dont worry I know how to do this"rouge said while walking up to the guy'i wonder what she will do'i thought


       I was just at the park walking somewhere I hoped someone will love me I sign then a bat walked up to me

     "hello sir would you like someone to love you"she ask 'finally someone who ask'"yeah why?"i ask"because I have a friend named mina who needs love to so I was thinking of you"she said

       "uhh ok but what does she look like?"i said "here is a picture of her"she showed me a picture of a mongoose with purple hair and a beautiful emerald eyes

       "umm ok but are you sure she might like me?"i ask I really want to know this girl mina"yeah ofcourse she will"she said

      "please just go to chaos high and meet me at the roof and she will be there too"she saud"uhh sure ok"i said then she walked away


       Me and cream talk and talk until rouge come back "so how did it go?" I ask "its great"she said "good now 1 down and 2 to go"cream said

        "ok lets go somewhere"i said "how about the emerald flower garden"rouge said "ok come on" cream said

At the garden

          we finally get there we keep looking for other guy for julie or cosmo then we saw a bee just wondering in the flowers(look I make charmi to like cosmo so thanks for understanding)

     "hey how about her for cosmo there both like each other be likes flower anyway"cream said"ill take care of it again"rouge said


       "ok im back and he said sure he is charmi"rouge said "ok so ash for mina and charmi for cosmo now one last julie"i said

       "so where do we go next?"cream ask "how about the gym julie like strong people"rouge said "ok lets go then"i said and we walk of

At the gym

         "ewww it stinks in here"cream said while covering her nose"lets keep looking"rouge said and we keep looking

      Then something spot my eye a lonely red armadillo just sitting there"hey guys how about him"i said "yeah he is perfect"rouge said

      She walked to him and do it again after that we walked to my house to celebrate because our mission is done

At the house

       "this is a victory for us"rouge said then we dance play and so much more then it get late and they go home

      I took a shower and hopped in my bed and let my dreams cover me


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