chapter one,intro to kevin

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Hey guys this is my first book so please don't judge and don't say it copyright please I will try Ok hope u guys enjoy ^~^


hi I'm Kevin I'm a orpan and I get taken care of my butler.My parents were killed by a car crash.I go to a school called Downy high and everyone is a jerk to me because im covere by cuts.

When I start to go home I wait for the city bus but then Jake past by. Jake is a jock(star football player) and when we were little he betten me up and when he finish I had 7 broken ribs and a punshered lung.

He hit my books down out of my hands and when I went to grab them he knees me in the jaw I fall to the ground and I spit out blood and he laugh and when I got up the bus rolled up " what happen?" the bus driver ask.

"I fell" I said

When I got home i get this feeling that I'm being watch. I look behind me and see no one so I continue walking I get home and I walk upstairs and get into the shower and i wash out my mouth and I get undress I start to take a shower after a few mins I get out and I get ready I go down stairs and see my dinner and the butler gone and I smile I start to eat I go to my TV and I turn it on and it was on the news

"BREAKING NEWS!!! THREE MURDERED" I turn off the TV and I start to cry after a few mins I feel someone watching me I look behind me and nothing there

"Mmmmmm"I mumbled. I go upstairs and I fall asleep hoping tomorrow will be better..

... I hope


Wooh three murders I wonder who did it find out tomorrow Ok guys love ya ^~^ hope u guys like it bye

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