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It's Friday and usually like every teen, I'm excited the weeks over. I really hate the homework but I'm just happy to be out of where the mean people can't reach me. I'm going to rizn tonight which is like church with a bunch of people who hangout after service.

I arrive with like my only friend, S.R.

Rizns going on and I see a really cute boy, I go up to him and act hyper and crazy and I can feel he things I'm annoying. Great.

On the way back is where things get out of hand.

"CAKEFACE" a kid yells and throws a wrapper at my head. I ignore him.

I sit by myself and tears drip down my face. I would say I told everyone I was fine but nobody cared to ask.

I thought about my life and said maybe I really should kill myself, who would even care anyways?

A couple days ago I finally told my mom I had depression and anxiety. She laughed in my face.

"Is this some sort of attention seeking thing your doing? "

I cried my eyes out. Nobody really seems to get it. To top that all, I got off at the bus stop and cried but everyone kind of just looked at me as I walked passed. Just four girls who were supposably my friends. Well their not very good friends at all. The once and a while boy that likes me is just usually desperate and thirsty and way younger than me or way older than me. I like older guys, but everyone makes fun of me because of it. Jeez.

I used to wear no makeup and people said I look ugly with no makeup so I put on makeup and they say I look like a cakeface.


I was born in the wrong generation. Everyone's an idiot.

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