Part III ~ Beautiful Girl Identity

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The conversation start between Omni and Justin. Justin said that "Dont you remember her?". At that moment Omni start to dig deep within his brain of do he really ever met that girl before, but he knows that somewhat she look really familiar.

"Ok let me tell you who she is and stop looking me like that" Justin said. That girl was Christine dont you remember she was your neighbor, she was a few blocks away. "She's Christine really that girl but why she, i dont understand". Then Omni start of being curious for how his neighbor became that beautiful entering her teenager years. Omni can't hide of how surprise he was that only a blocks away there are this fairy (diwata) as he may call the girl, which she never noticed before.

Christine don't usually go outside the house. And her family don't usually mingle around to other neighbors maybe thats the reason Omni was so surprise when Christine finally came out.

Omni now start asking question of Christine to Justin if he was courting her. Justin replied " I like her but I have girlfriend , so do you like her too?.If you like her i can give to you her mobile number and as far as i know she has no boyfriend at this time"Justin added.

On that very moment it seems like the Gate of Heaven opened and lightened for Omni a feeling of birds singing all around and his eyes are twinkling like stars. Then Omni asked Justin to have her number. "Ok let me have her number were neighbors so i just want to greet her A Happy New Year " Omni said.

Payat gave the number to Omni without mark of suspicion that his friend already fall in love with Christine and have been thingking that texting her was the biggest first move of knowing her. Payat left the house and Omni goes inside. While he was on his room lot of first move text are jumping on his mind like 1.Hello Christine, 2.Hi Im Omni we are neighbors,3. I saw you on the party your Christine right. But after a lot of thinking he came came up to the decision of texting her with his chosen words and it was...

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