Chapter 5

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I wake up and yawn. It's 7:56AM. I take a shower and get changed into jeans, sneakers, a white T-shirt, and a black leather jacket. I comb my hair out and brush my teeth. I pull my oxygen tank into the living room and sit down. My mom comes out and smiles at me.

"Ready for support group?" She asks. I nod and smile at her.

"See I told you that making friends will help!" She says happily. I laugh.

"You were right." I laugh. We get in the car and drive to the church. She drops me off at the curb and drives away. Augustus spots me and walks over to me.

"Good morning Hazel Grace." Augustus says. I smile at him.

"Good morning, Augustus Waters." I reply with a smile. He gives me his sexy half smile.

"Ready to enter the literal heart of Jesus?" Augustus asks. I laugh and nod. We enter and take our seats. I manage to save Isaac a seat next to me.

"Hazel, why is your purse on that chair? Some people want to sit there." Patrick says.

"I'm saving it for Isaac." I tell Patrick. He nods and smiles.

"Hazel Grace." Augustus whispers.

"Yeah?" I whisper back. He passes me a note and I try not to laugh. It's like at school. You're not supposed to talk about things outside of our illnesses at support group. Nor are we aloud to pass notes to each other. I open the paper silently.

You look really nice today Hazel Grace. -A

I smile at him and write on the paper.

Thanks. But I don't think a friend would tell the other that they look really good today, Gus. -H

I pass him the note and he smiles. He writes on the paper and gives it to me.

You're just a friend. I'm not. I'm in love with you Hazel Grace. You're beautiful even if you don't think it's true. -A

I stare at him. I write on the paper.

Gus if this is your way of trying to ask me out for dinner this weekend, then it's working. Pick me up at 5 on Saturday. -H

I give him the note and he grins his big goofy grin. He starts writing. He passes it back to me

Okay. -A

I smile and start writing.

Okay. -H

I pass it back to him. He smiles and puts the note in his jacket pocket. Patrick continues his terribly long lecture about why not having balls sucks. Ughhh I just want it to be Saturday!

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