Chapter 16

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Chapter 17

Luke's point of view:

So much blood filled Daniel's mouth mouth that he gargled on it, he looked as if he were pinned to the ground, in a constant state of panic and unable to breath. Olivia hovered over him on her knees, perspiring, in hysterics as Maxine was in the same state on the phone with the emergency line.

Sirens sounded outside as medical workers barged into the house and took Daniel on the stretcher. What was happening? I was in total awe, unable to fathom what was happening as I watched my brother being taken away.

Roslyn's point of view:

I knew right then that I would remember the look in Luke's eyes for the rest of my life. His orbs held undeniable animosity, his face was contorted in a bitter, panicked way. You could sense the jerk in his heart, as mine too as we stared in awe at the scene before us.

I couldn't bear to look at both of the boy's pain. I couldn't decide which was in more of a struggle. I couldn't decide who's face held a more immense stare and disheveled body structure, me or him. What happened?

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