We can't stay here

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I felt a bad presence. It was cold, and dark. "S-so cold" A small voice said. I turned around, to see a small boy covered in ice and snow. Great. Another ghost. The boy started to walk up to me. He had red eyes, and white hair. I am not sure if he us part of the light or the dark. "p-please. h-help." he said, chattering his teeth.

Just then, his head starred twitching insanely. Dark essence and light came in and out of his mouth, eyes, and nose. The light and dark were fighting over him. And it seems like the dark was winning.

I ran up to the boy who was screaming and gasping. I put my hand on his shoulder to help the light.

I put my light energy into his, making the dark energy explode out of him. He screamed and yelled, as I weakened. The boy stopped yelling, as I fell to the ground, very weak. I think I put too much energy in him. I breathed heavily, as the boy fell to his knees.

I tried to call for Fate, but I only managed to barely choke out, "F-fate...". My head rested on the ground, as the boy stood up and said, "thank you, mistress." as he bowed down. I held up my hand weakly, as I started to go extremely pale. I need energy, or I will die soon. I then heard the front door burst open. "check the perimeter!" I heard a man yell.

The boy faded away, as I lay there, weak and dying

the one time Fate leaves me for a few minutes I screw up. I started to breathe slower. A police officer burst my bedroom door open, "I found a girl, but they are no where around. Were going to need am ambulance." He said. The police officer walked over and kneeled to me and checked my pulse.

I breathed very slow, as my vision started to fade. "can you speak? Who did this to you?" he asked. I managed to mutter out in a very weak, raspy voice. "Fate..."

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