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This is the 1st installment int he Universal Gang Romances series. 

The book revolves around a teenage girl whom is having the craziest time of her life after she rejected the love of her life because of certain circumstances and because of this, fate keepson pushing them back together. 

This is also connected to the characters in the memories of yesterday series.


Jane Hawkings , 13 years old , has a life worth  envying for  . She  has the looks, the  friends,the  brains and the luxury. Fun right?Nope. 

Enter Justin Wright to the story. Playful,Obnoxious,Arrogant and well, sort-of Good-looking, he can get everything he wants. That  changed when he met Jane. She's  different. He never knew why but he grew to like her . The  down fall about it though is that Jane doesnt feel the   same way or not? 

Add some other complications ,problems and love triangles to make their lives harder. What would it sum  up ? Find out as we venture in their story that everyone has yet to see.

The story of their friendships, loves and well of course, the  story of their Love Untold.

Let us all watch it unfold.

Copyright 2014 -All Rights Reserved 


It was already night time and I was alone at home since mom and dad are still at the states so why then issomeone knocking on the door?

Curious,I opened it only to reveal a crying Jane infront of my doorstep. She was in the clothes she wore this morning and her eyes were bloodshot.

"Jane?What happened?" I  asked.

"Ryan...Ryan ...his dad never got into anything! His dad was well and healthy! I visited his house when I heard he wasnt in the hospital and saw him making out with another girl! He  cheated on me Justin! He cheated on me!" she said,crying so hard.

Man,she must love Ryan so much for crying so hard. My blood boiled as I heard her say that Bryan cheated on her. I mean,who would even cheat at such a goddess like her?

"Damn that guy! Let me beat the crap out of him!"  I said,stepping out of my house.

Just then, Jane hugged me from the back and said,"Stop please dont. When he saw me ,he was startled.I already called him names and broke up with him. Plus, I kicked him very  hard down there so it'sfine.Please,I just need someone...anyone..."she whispered.

My muscles softened and I turned around to hug her back. I  soothed her and whispered comforting words to her and later on she calmed down.

Then suddenly, she stared into my eyes . I was captivated. Endulged by her luscious lips and charming eyes. "Jane?" I whispered.

"yes?" she asked back.

"Please forgive me." I said as I leaned down to meet my lips with hers.


Okay, bet that wasnt what you were expecting ,huh? But still,do read it please. 

Its a nice book once you get to know it. It would be edited this December .

STARTED: November 23 2013

ENDED: Completed


GENRE: Romance Teen Fiction

CREDITS To Alwaysademigod  for the cover and trulyhisbella for the trailer

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