1 week later

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Manee I haven't seen Cole and Ari ina week and im going crazy I look everyday i never see them but wen i do ima beat Rodney ahh

Cole POV

Its been a week in this hell hole and I've gotten beat by Rodney everyday for tlkin back but idgaf bcuz today im escaping wen he go to the store cuz ima call B and tell him gtg here he comes

Rodney:*walks in*aye hoe ill be back

Cole:bye bitch

Rodney:*punch Cole*

Cole:*spits out blood*


Cole:*run downstairs and finds her phone and calls B*




B:where u at baby

Cole:idk its some abandoned house it looks like one of our old trap houses it think its 101 Blvd Ave

B:aight im on my way

Cole:hurry up

B:ight*hangs up*

Cole:*runs upstairs.grabs Ari.and waits at tha door*

B:*pulls up to house and go to door*aye Cole

Cole:B I can't get out cuz he got a password on tha door

B:ight stand back*runs back and bust door down*Cole c'mon

Cole:*runs out door wit Ari*

B:ight listen to me I want u to go ova Ciara house and stay till I come get u.cuz ima kill that nigga ight

Cole:yea ima leave Ari there and come back that's tha perfect setup

B:aight hurry up then

Cole:*speeds off.take Ari to Ci house.come back*

B:Nicole. C'mon hurry up

Cole:*runs in house*

Ight so basically when Rodney got back home he hit Cole cuz she got smart and B came and shot him 3times in tha chest and yea that's all that happened

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