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Wassup my name leelee I'M 5'5 I like Roc royal from MB but I also like kid Lucas they both ughhhh I wish I can meet them maybe I can when we move to L.A Cali today so happy but I'M not because my cousin moving with me I'M 19 and she's going to be 19 Friday TURN UP!!  anyway how about y'all go get to know her Byeee


Wassup it's Alexis but call me Lex or Lexis don't matter but as leelee told you my b-day on Friday TURN THE FUCK UP YASSSSSSS Lol anyways I love prince from MB I hope I get to see him in L.A Cali They off tour this year but anyways I got to go put the rest of the bags up


Wassup it's your boy ray ray 2wice if you nasty y'all already know me so peace


Wassup it's Ej y'all already know me


Wassup it's me roc y'all already know me


It's yours truly Princeton y'all already know me

-Kid Lucas

It's kid Lucas babii y'all already know who this freak is

Relationship status




Ej: Taken

Roc: Single

Princeton: Single

Kid Lucas:Taken

Enjoy my love ones

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