Chapter 2

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I woke up to a strange noise coming from my phone. Who was this calling me at 3am? "H-hello?" "Is this April?" Yea who's this?" I asked confused. "It's me Mya" a small smile was drawn to my face. "What's wrong?" I asked "I'm kinda at your front door, and it's freezing so can you open it?" Mya said. I ended the call and ran to open the door. "What are you doing here?" I asked as we walked into my room. "I can't sleep. I'm not use to sleeping by myself, at my dads my other little sister Sarah would sleep with me." I sat back on my bed. "Why didn't you sleep with Kyle?" I asked. "He kicked me out his bed. And your the only person I know that's close bye" Mya said now sitting next to me. "Well you can crash here but I'm going to sleep. You can sleep up here on the floor in the living room it don't matter" I said tired. "I wanna sleep next to you" she said frightened. I laid back and threw my cover over my head. Mya laid next to me and got really close. Was it bad that I liked it? Was it bad that it's a girl? Was it bad that it's my boyfriend sister? I questioned myself to sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mya woke me up bye wiggling around. I stared at the ceiling until I had enough strength to get up. I looked at Mya sleep. She looked so pretty, why couldn't this moment last forever? Mya opened her eyes. She stretched and glanced at me staring at her. "What?" She asked with a smile. "Nothing" I said embarrassed. "Well thank you miss beautiful for letting me crash here" Mya said looking at her phone. I quickly smiled trying to avoid blushing. "You are very welcome gorgeous" I said softly. "We should get dressed before we be late for school" I said looking at the time. Mya got up and went to her bag that was in the corner of my room. She slowly pulled off her sweatpants. I looked away trying to resist the urge to turn around and look at her. I than got up and got dressed. When me and Mya was finished getting dressed and brushing our teeth we ran downstairs to my kitchen. There sat my mother drinking coffee sorting her coupons. "Hey momma" I said grabbing some cookies. "Cookies are very good for you to have in the morning" my mother said sarcastically. "Yea yea. You love me" I said heading out the door. Me and Mya got in the car. I put in some music and we drove off. We arrived at Kyle and Mya's house. Kyle was standing thier waiting. He opened the door and got in. "What took you guys so long?" Kyle said annoyed. "I'm sorry I overslept" I said trying to avoid an argument. "We're picking up Jake ok?" Kyle said. "Ok" I replied. We arrived to jakes house where he was standing their with Amber Vresco she was such a Bitch I hated her their was no way she was getting in my car. "Babe I'm not letting that bitch in here" I said frustrated. "Babe chill it's only for a today her and Jake are dating now. "OMFG! Fine but that bitch better not get use to it she better find some skates" I hissed. Jake and Amber got into the car. "Hey guys" Jake Said. "Hey" we all replied. "Hi" Amber said. "Bitch stfu" I replied. "Babe!" Kyle yelled. I arrived at the school. We all got out of the car. I showed Mya around the school for most the day just so I can get out of class. Who am I kidding so I can spend time with her. When the last bell rang me Kyle Mya Jake and Amber all went to Jake's house. "Can we play seven minutes in heaven?" Jake asked. "Sure" Mya and Kyle said at the same time. Amber ran into the kitchen to grab the bottle. Kyle was the first to spin. Of coarse it landed in me. We went in to the closet and started kissing. I jumped on him he was holding me kissing and feeling_ just as things started to get intense time was up. Amber was the second to spin. The bottle landed on Kyle. "Hell no. Your not going in their with her" I said. Babe calm down its just seven minutes. I rolled my eyes as the closet door closed. I than caught Mya looking at me. She smiled at me I smiled back. We kept exchanging looks until Kyle and Amber time was up. Mya was third to spin. It landed on... Oh no ME! My heart fell to my feet. If I go I'm their everyone will think I like girls. But if I don't they'll think I'm no fun. Mya walked over to the closet, me following. We enters the closet as the door slammed behind us. "So do you just wanna get this over with?" Mya said. "Huhhhh We might as well" I replied. Mya leaned in close, until I felt her lips press against mine. So soft. So perfect. So Mya. She than opened her mouth a little bit. Her tounge wiggled around in my mouth until I built enough courage to wiggle mines back. Before you know it, the time was up. You can tell neither of us wanted to stop. I wiped my mouth before exiting to closet. The game continued. I sort of blocked everything out. That kiss was perfect. Was it better than the way me and Kyle kissed? Am I......

A.N. Another cliffhanger sorry for the short chapters.

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