prepare to travel

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Stampy POV

I woke up and look the time on my phone,its 7:30,i got up in mt bed and look at my colset what to wear. plane whitet-shirt,black jeans and snekers.i look at squid's room and wake him up WAKE UP SQUID(SHOUTHING) ok,ok just stop shouting,and he change and we go downstairs i almost fell on the stairs .then squids friend angle called

Hi squid ,its angle want to go here in the philipines its fun we can go in boracay,star city,ocean park and more but you need passport . S:Ok ,ok when will me and stampy can go there?(excited)

A:Tommoroww in the morning at 7:00am gate 3 ok well start packing



Squid said start packing were going to philipines he said happy and excited

We start packing and prepare the passport,

After 1 hour

Hoooo! We made it stampy noy i'm really excited..

I will know you when i will update the next part

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