Chapter 6- Found Out

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(Ty POV)

"What? What? Whats wrong with my teeth?!" Sky yells covering his mouth with both of his hands, he looked a little frightened.

"Sky, you have really big K9's!" Jerome says and I can see Sky get more scared.

"I-I was born with my teeth like this!" He says and Jerome smirks.

"No. I have seen your teeth and you've never had K9's like them!" Jerome explains and Sky looks at me scared and I roll my eyes.

"He went to the dentist and they did some stuff and his teeth came out like that..." I say obviously lying and Mitch laughs.

"Nice try Ty but seriously. I have never seen his teeth like that!" Mitch says now they were leaning in looking at Sky more and scaring him.

"Guys back off! Your scaring him!" I say with smile on how Sky is scared of just Jerome and Mitch and I ain't even scared of 8 headed TRex breathing fire! The sit back normally but Sky keeps his hands over his mouth.

"Heh Sky, with your teeth like that you look like a vampire!" Mitch joked and Jerome agreed then laughed I stayed silent same with Sky not sure what to do...

"Actually. Ty seems more fit for the vampire title than Sky!" Jerome says and he laughs.

"Why is that?" Mitch asks sorta laughing.

"Look at him! He is pail, red eyes, do you ever see him in the sun? I bet he has fangs like Sky!" Jerome says and they agree and both laugh now Sky laughed with them and I glared at him and he ignored me.

"Yeah (laughs) Ty show us your fangs! (laughs)" Mitch says. I growl but not loud enough for them to hear. Yeah id rather hide my fangs, thank you.

"Nah i'm good!" I say  and they look at me.

"So you do have fangs!" Jerome yells and it hurt my ears.

"N-no! I have K9's like you or Mitch!" I lie quickly. Jerome and Mitch smirk and then look at me.

"Why didn't you say Sky had K9's?" Jerome asks and I flinch. Man it would be so simple to tell them but it would be hard to get them to trust me again...

"Ty show us your teeth and we will believe you!" Mitch says now there leaning towards me and I was on Sky. I jump up and they fall on Sky and he pushes them odd and he stands up next to me still holding his hands over his mouth.

"F-fine!" I yell and show my teeth. People may think vampires can retract there fangs... But sadly no they can't there always hanging out and you can't get rid of them... Even if you break them they can't go away they will just grow back. They look at my fangs and are amazed. They stopped laughing. After a few seconds I shut my mouth and hid my fangs behind my lip.

"There see! K9's not-"

"HOLY CRAP TY IS A VAMPIRE!" Mitch yells and they still looked amazed.

"AM NOT!" I yell back hoping they don't want them to know the truth... 

"HAHA! Ty if you were a vampire would you tell us?" Jerome asks now they quiet downed. I shake my head.

"Probably not..." I say and they pout.

"Why not?" They say in sync.

"W-well I would think you would be afraid of a vampire and probably not want to be friends!" I explain fast and not looking at them and crossing my arms, I see Sky smile and go to the kitchen. Suddenly I get tackled and hugged by Mitch and Jerome.

"Aw we can never hate you! Were to good of friends to just hate you for one thing!" I didn't even say I was one and they just assume?

"So i'm guessing you really are one?" Mitch asks quietly and I gulp. I look down at my feet and take a deep breath and slowly nod. The freeze staring at me I instantly regret this, I step back and almost hit the TV. Suddenly I hear Mitch chuckle? I look up and Mitch his holding his hand over his mouth trying to hide his laugh. Why was this funny?

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