Ohh Sh*t

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Cam's POV

I walk into the Starbucks sitting on the opposite side of Hayes and they boy next to him.

"Yes?" I hiss at hayes.

From what Yami told me he was talking complete bullshit. Should've known, nigga didn't even have proof.

"Look. I just wanted to let you know that nash doesn't really love you or like you for that matter. He gets home and keeps on talking shit and it's really getting to me that I just have to soak it all in. I feel guilty and I can hardly sleep at night if I keep it from you and I'm not the only one he's talked shit about you to." Hayes says looking down

"Who else?" I say glaring.

He points to the boy next to him.

"This is my best friend Aaron. He used to live with us in our old house and he knows how nash is."

"Y-yea he's really m-mean like that. Um you wouldn't wanna h-hang with him anymore I mean he w-was the r-reason they moved you know." The boy or "Aaron" says.

Why did that kid sound so nervous to say that?

I sigh deeply and hide my face in my hands.

"It's ok cam. Let it out." Hayes try's soothing. But for some reason it doesn't sound sincere.

I start to tear up.

"W-why would he say that though? He looks and acts like he likes me back just as much. Heck I was even gonna ask him out but now....I'm second guessing myself". I admit.

I mean the boy got a witness this time and of he was just fucking with me the first time he would've gave up.

"But Yami told me different." I say looking up again feeling hope.

"Oh that. You see nash swears that he only tells me about this stuff becuz he knows Yami is real and would snitch him out." Hates says shrugging.

Oh god....

I'm done.

"T-thanks for telling me the t-truth hayes. I appreciate it. And I won't say it's you ok?" I tell them

Hayes nods looking sad.

I get up from the booth and exit Starbucks. By the time I got to my car I could barely see passed the steering wheel. My eyes were just pouring out tears.

Man I really liked nash. I loved him. But from his own freaking brother who has spent more time with him than me tells me to be careful, that he's fake, a 2 face.

I'm going to believe it.

I just sit in my car crying. I think I'm not going to go to school tomorrow.


3rd person POV

"Jesus that was hard to say." Aaron says leering out a breath he had been holding.

"I'll say. You hella stuttered. Your lucky you didn't give it away." Hates says taking a sip of his drink he got.

Arron looks at him weird. "Not that hayes. Just saying your brother is mean is like saying puppies are evil."

"You don't feel bad" He suddenly asks looking at hayes.

"No of course I do. I mean it had to be done you know." Hayes says not looking at Aaron

"I hope your right." Arron sighs



Nash's POV

We are currently In school. We ended up almost putting the store out of junk food with all the stuff we bought.

No we didn't spend the whole 200 but we spent about half of it.

I wonder where cam is.

I miss my teddy bear.

I tune back into Shawn Matt and Yami's conversation again.

"OH!!! MATTY MATTY MATTY MATTYYYYY" Yami says pulling on his sleeve

"What?" He chuckles.

"Your going to lovvvve meeee" she laughs

"Why would I?" He asks smirking

"Wellll you know how the other day carter took my seat next to you?

"Yeaaa?" Matt asks getting excited.

"Well I did ask him if he wanted to sit there from now on. And he totally went for the idea. He even said he loved sitting next to you. Then he just started listing all your good qualities and he says you handsome and all that so I asked if he wanted my help with getting with you...you know since I'm your best friend.... And he said yea. So Matty by the end of this week you might just have yourself carter Reynolds." She finishes smirking.

Matt's almost faints but hugs Yami instead.

"I love youuu!!!" He says.

"It's the least I can do you guys helped me yesterday." She says patting Matt's head.

"Yea we did-" suddenly Matt was cut off

"Oh look! I didn't know there was faggots at this school too!"

Someone says loudly and shoves me, Matt (who had let go of Yami) and Shawn against the lockers roughly.

"HEY! WHAT THE HELL!" Yami yells and grabs the boy's shirt.

She pulls him and he turns towards her.

She looks like she's about to murder the boy until she sees his face.

But instead of seeing this kid's funeral being planed I saw yami and I saw her face went completely pail. She slowly let go of his shirt and her eyes widen. She was frozen in fear.

"Yaaaammiiilllyy" he purrs to her.

Yamilly? She told us never to call her that.

He steps closer to her and grabs her face. Cupping it gently and putting a Strand of lose hair behind her ear.

"Soo my yamilly. What you doing here? Honestly though you could get away from me?" he says

Oh my god is Yami shaking?

This boy was about my hight. He had perfectly tan skin and nice black hair. Stunning dark brown eyes that got wen darker with lust when he saw Yami. He had braces but they didn't even look nerdy on him at all. Just kinda made him look more attractive. He was very attractive.

"B-B-Brandon?" Yami stuttered.

Holy crap Yami never stutters who is this guy?

"That's my name mamasita. Wanna scream it?" He winked at her.

Oh he's Spanish like Yami. Shes Puerto Rican but he sounded and looked Mexican to say the least.

She grabs his hands and slowly takes them away for her. She turns towards us lookin like she saw a ghost.

"Y-you guys w-we're l-leaving r-right now" she says

And that's when it happen. The thing I though I'd never live the day to see.

A silent tear ran down Yami's cheek....


Boo! Bet I scared you with a double update. Btw who the hell is this guy?

And nash mentioned that nobody has ever seen Yami cry. And this guy just made her. Poor Yami.

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