Chapter One: Speechles

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Quietly, always waiting in the shadows you don't know we're here but we know you all too well. Your emotions run high, the emotions that are intoxicating us, allowing us to live. Within these affections life is brought to us but even more so, death.

I was lurking in the shadows, trying my best not to be seen. Creeping along and needing to get back before my father noticed I was missing again. I stopped in my tracks; my affinity sending pain through me. Someone was so close that my true form was reacting to them. Looking over I saw the person causing the reaction. A young girl was crying, passion flowing from her in waves of sadness. It was too easy, I couldn't help myself. I got closer and closer then snatched her into the shadows. I held her by the neck with one hand and began sucking out her passion. Sweet, juicy, warm passion trickling down my parched throat it felt so good, an indescribable high. M-more I wanted more. Dropping the young girl I went to find more.

I guess I was lucky; my emotional affinity was one that could be an upper or a downer. It could basically end in life or death. If a person with an emotional affinity that is a downer becomes addicted to their affinity it will always result in death, due to side effects. If a person with an emotional affinity that is an upper becomes addicted, then there is a better chance the emotions won’t kill them.

By the time I got back it was a little after two in the morning. I had to be as quiet as the dead to get to my room upstairs. In my room a tall mirror was standing next to my small dresser. I peered into the reflection; a tall girl with black hair that reached her thighs and eyes as green as the deepest forests stared back. Me.

"Nova Alucradon" Oh crap, I was caught. I slowly turned around only to face the king himself, who also happened to be my father.

"Hey, dad..." I smiled shyly. "...What are you doing up?" He furrowed his brow.

"Me? What am I doing up?" He got only inches from my face. "I had half the guards looking for you!" I backed away from him and he continued yelling. "Zion was worried sick about you, the poor boy" My dad’s angry face was the same every time he caught me out; short brown hair standing on end, bushy eyebrows curved angrily above flaming brown eyes. I really looked more like my mom.

"I just needed some air some outside these walls." Hopefully that was convincing.

"You were hunting breathers again weren't you" Nope, not convinced. He walked closer to me and examined my eyes. I knew he saw what he was looking for; little traces of blue still resided there. I didn't wait long enough to come home.

"Dang it Nova You know how dangerous it is to feed on their emotions! You don't want to end up like...!" He stopped as soon as he realized what he was saying. And that’s when I exploded.

"Like who dad? Like mom? Or like you? You're as good as dead yourself! That affinity you have for anger shows through every day! You think I didn't notice that you have been feeding on them more since mom’s affinity killed her?!" Now I was angry, angry with a passion.

"Nova...I..." the great demon King fell speechless. I slammed the door in his face and went to bed.

That night I dreamt about crying girls and they looked at me with desperate eyes and then they turned into birds and flew away freely. I had dreams about flying myself, I was with my mother She held my hand as we boarded an empty plane that would fly us to our destination. The plane didn’t have wings, it was a giant metal bird, its arms spread out wide at each side and gliding easily through the sky’s cool untouched winds brought us above the clouds and escalated up, up, past the highest mountains and farther than the longest canyons we kept going higher until we reached utopia, where I would like to believe my mother calls home. A ride to bring me home, where she was happily living without any troubles, only happiness.

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