The wolf

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As we both sparkled,everyone gasped

I looked at Bella who had a sleepy look on her face though even she woke up.



Bella now looks like she is 15years old we figured out that Bella is a wolf and

Vampire/angel and Bella has some many powers like:elements(weather, can speak to animals even though she drinks animal blood. And so much more.

Today the Denali's are coming over for the week to see Bella.

I hat when they come over Tanya is always all over me, we went out once and she is still likes me but I don't like her.

Mom dad I'm going to take Bella to go hunting.

Okay they yelled back but we had to be back in 2hours.


AHHH!! I ran upstairs to see Bella in her room with her wings out flying in the corner of her room in blue jeans and black shirt that said bite me on it.

Bella would dress her self, but Alice wanted her in a dress since the Denali's are coming.


When Edward came in I flew to the corner where he was standing.

I looked at him and mouthed help. he I sent a message throughout his mind (Bella can read minds like Edward)

Edward nodded and before Alice could get a vision of what I was gonna do,I raised my hand and put it down and RIPPP!

Alice screamed and pulled my leg trying to get me down I snapped my fingers and I was outside (Bella teleports by snapping her fingers)

Edwards pov

When Bella was outside I ran downstairs (instead of saying vampire speed if I say one of the Cullen's or Bella name or one of the Denali's they go vamp speed)

And I picked her up and ran to the forest Alice yelled and said:BELLA I WILL GET YOU

When we got to the forest Bella's eyes get red (meaning a another animal is around)

Bella looked behind me and saw a wolf he started growling at me and

Bella turned in to a big wolf even though she is 1 year she looks 15 years old.

Bella was growling and so was the other wolf and then Bella sent me a message in my head and said to run and go home I told her I wouldn't leave her but she said to run or she will make herself kill the wolf and I couldn't have that.

I ran back home.


As Edward left the wolf and I were talking

(Wolfs contacts through there minds)

Wolf:what are u why were you with the cold one

Me:the cold one is my brother and I'm a cold one to

Wolf:ha like I would believe u

Just then there were 5wolfs behind him and 5 wolfs by him and many more in a circle around me growling at me.

I growled so loud the ground literally shook.

The wolfs stopped growling and I turned into a human and I called Edward in my head.

Edwards pov

I got Bella's message and I ran when I saw her there a bunch of wolfs and Bella was standing there with blue eyes (meaning someone imprinted on her I growled and all the wolfs turned to me. Bella walked over to me and And a big red wolf growled at me and was walking towards me even though Bella looks 15,

She walked towards the wolf and patted the wolf and spread her wings.

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