I have been in New York for about 2 weeks now and during that time I have hung out with Noah for at least half of that time. Noah has been the best, best friend anyone could ask for he has already introduced me to all of his other friends, speaking of those other friends the girls are coming over soon to pick me up and take me to the mall. The 3 girls Willow, Poppy and Vergo have become extremely close to me. I have amazing friends, an amazing house with an amazing carer and lucky for me I don’t need to start school until I am completely settled in which I have a feeling is sadly sometime soon.

Finally after what felt like eternity the door bell rang, I threw on my jacket and ran to the front door giving Ava a kiss on her cheek and telling her where I was going.

 “Hey girls!!” I cheered as I hopped into Willow’s expensive car.

 “Let’s get our shopping on!” Willow shouted as she slammed her foot on the gas.


Thanks to Willow’s reckless driving we arrived at the mall in no time at all. Heading into shop after shop doing trip after trip to Willow’s car with the shopping bags we all decided we had better get some lunch and then head back to Willow’s house then to the beach.  

 ”Girls….” Poppy whispered. “Girls I really like Noah!” She says louder. As those words left her mouth my mouth fell to the floor… Poppy and Noah would be the most amazing couple! They totally suit!!

 “Do you really think so Piper..?” Poppy asked quietly. Wait I said that out loud?!?

 “I can’t believe I said that out load! Yes! Omg yes! You guys would be so perfect Poppy! Vergo, Willow it is our mission to get those two love birds together!!” I quietly squealed causing Vergo and Willow to nod in agreement and chuckle at my behaviour while Poppy blushed a tomato red colour.  


After our conversation with our meals we hopped back in the car and headed to Willow’s house.

 “Your house is massive Willow” I smiled as we headed up the long drive way.

 “Piper.. I have to tell you something.. Um Vergo, Poppy, Noah and all the other guys kind of live together with a lot of other people..” Willow mumbled softly.

 Hmm live with a lot of people, perfect figures, very sporty, filthy rich… OMFG IS THAT A WOLF?!?!

 “HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ARE ALL WEREWOLVES!” I yelled causing the wolf to shift back to human and everyone standing in the front yard and the girls eyes snap to me…


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