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He was about to throw another unfamiliar object, but let it roll out of the palm of his hands and on to the grass when he saw me standing there pushing both his hands into his pockets. I unlock the window from the bottom and lift using the center of my hands feeling the slight breeze raising the tiny hairs on my feeble legs. The brisk air consumes my body as I absorb it inhaling from my nose and exhaling from my mouth allowing it to devour me. Feeling slightly too relaxed in my own skin, I shut my eyes feeling the movement of the wind regretting that I didn't do this often.

"Robyn," Rue starts to say startling me to his attention, "this isn't the titanic. Stop playing and come on fool."

A slither of laughter spurts out from between my teeth," You got mad jokes. Hold on let me get dressed."

He puts two fingers on the bottom of his chin giving me a not so seducing glare, "you look fine to me," he adds roaming away from my face and onto my frame as I stand there, paralyzed. His eyes work their way to my mid-thigh where my t-shirt ends. Fixating majority of his attention on the curves of body, he pauses periodically before he trails his eyes gently onto my face.

I cross my arms in annoyance and roll my eyes at his statement, "Predictable."

"Is that so?" he asks in curiosity.

I step closer and firmly place my hands on the bottom of the window and cock my head to the side for dramatic effect, "Is that so?" I mock exaggerating my voice.

I step back from the window as he approaches placing his hands right where mine used to be. The triceps in his arms flex lifting himself as his legs swing underneath him, so he is sitting on the window. Pushing himself off the window by his arms, the loose basketball shorts covering his upper legs bounce until his feet sink slowly into the cocoa-colored carpet. The silent whistles of the wind from the world outside the four walls of my room halts without warning as his fingers push down on the window to shut it.

I could feel my stomach clench inside me knowing I'm only less than 10 feet away from him. He reduces the space between us only allowing the breath we exhale to take up the empty holes. Matter of fact we were so close, I could feel his body heat bounce off of him and on to me.

He removes his right arm from his side and places it around my lower back lifting the back of my shirt up an inch. A jolt of electricity shot through my body feeling a tingling tenderness; my breaths were shortening, and my heart was beating through my chest rapidly. I was almost surprised that he didnt notice. He lowers his body to where his face is directly in front of mine using his free arm to lift the bottom of my chin upwards. He leans in closer until the rhythm of my breathe matched the rhythm of his. He stops, restricting himself from going any further. His breath smelt almost like a mixture of sweet honey and vanilla when the scent brushed my face leaving my cheeks warm.

Fuck. Why in the hell does his ass smell so damn good? Makes me want to fart..... I mean faint. shit. Thank you Jesus I'm the only one that can hear my wanderlust thoughts.

He places his hand off my chin and bypasses my lips letting his mouth rest on my ear, "Now," he says in a whisper sending a shiver through my body causing me to lose all balance. He tightens his grip around my waist pulling me in closer when he realizes I'm not steady.

"What did you say again?" The tip of his mouth brushed against my ear as each word came out.

He knew exactly what he was doing to me.

"I, umm, I was just s-saying that umm I was going to just umm change int-to my shorts and a tank."

damn, Damn, DAMMMNNNNNN!!!

"Ha," escaped his lips burying his head into my shoulder.

"You know, it's funny. You're still the same Robyn I've known since 6th grade."

"Hhmmm seems you are too," I add feeling the baby hairs on his cheeks.

"What are you implying?" He questions waiting for me to spout out at the mouth.

"Take it how you want to take it," I remark bluntly.

"Take it how I want to take it huh?" He reiterates growing a smirk onto his face.

When he releases his hand from my waist, I could still feel his arm wrapped around me as if it never left. I yank on the sides of my shirt attempting to pull it down further as I turned away from him.

"You just got thicker. A lot thicker" he adds making me trip over my own feet. I can imagine him raise his eyes to emphasize his point as I took a tumble.

Inches away from the carpet, I feel Rueben's hands grasp the mid-section of my stomach. He lifts me using one of his hand until I'm standing upright. Embarrassed of my clumsiness, my face begins to flush in my cheeks.

"Are you seriously this nervous when I'm here Robyn or are you just playing me?" His laughter booming in every part of my room.

"Stop laughing so loud. My parents are going to hear you. It wasn't even that funny."

"Bruh, it looked like you were tap dancing." He laughs falling on the floor gasping for air.

Annoyed, I reach over to my dresser and pull out my pink spaghetti strapped tank and my faded brown high waist pants.

"Roby! Roby! Wait, come here" Rue attempts to say reaching his arms out for me while laughing every half a second.

"Shut up, i don't want to hug you Ralp- I mean Rueben." I correct myself.

"Getting mixed up with all your hoes huh? Its alright, i understand." Rue tries to say jokingly, but his tone didn't match his expression.

"Jealous?" I question as I peep my head out the door frame of my bathroom.

"Nope, I'm not Rach- I mean my Robyn." He says teasing me as the corner of his mouth spreads across his cheeks.

"Touché young grasshopper." Was all i said before i shut the door to the bathroom.

With my back against the door, i sigh quietly inside feeling a relief.


--the next chapter should be finished by early February. --

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