Chapter 4

As they strolled down Sunset Blvd. Niall looked in various shop windows. He couldn’t actually buy anything though because it was only 7:30 and everything had yet to open for the day. Harry was mostly quiet and couldn’t take his mind off his dream.

“Is it a girl?” Niall asked.

Harry lost his staring contest with the ground and looked up at Niall, “What?”

“You’re not talking and you keep zoning out, is it a girl?” Niall repeated.

Harry smiled and shook his head, “No… Well…’ He thought deeply for a moment then continued slowly, “It… Is, but not in the way you would think…”

“I’m all ears, Harry, and I got nothing but time. If it’s a long story, I want to hear it all.” Niall informed.

Harry smiled and started telling Niall about the strange events of the previous day, and his out of place dream that he had that night. He left out the blood dripping from Lil’s hand and the cuts all over her arm. He explained that the figure that visited him in the night hadn’t actually been there, because it clearly stated that Harry was having a dream, but he mentioned how the lighter the figure used to light its cigarette against its shadowed face was sitting on his alarm clock when he woke up. Then he told him about the scratches on his hip.

After the long story and the occasional question from Niall they ended up sitting on a bench in a park and all Niall could reply to the whole situation was, “Hmmm?”

Harry scoffed, “That’s it. I have some unnatural intruder in my flat and this girl is so odd I don’t even know if I should be talking to her, and all I get is ‘Hmmm’?”

Niall opened his mouth to speak then changed his mind and shook his head. He looked at the ground and kicked a rock with his foot. Something was off and Harry wanted to know what it was. “Niall, you’re not telling me something.”

“Huh?’ Niall asked. He was still starring at the ground intently. Harry touched his shoulder and nudged it back a bit. His eyes met Niall’s. He only kept the gaze for a split second before he looked down at Harry’s hip, “Let me see the marks.”

“What?” Harry asked.

Niall nodded, “Let me see them, I think I know what it is…”

Harry hesitantly lifted his jumper and his shirt. There the three scratches sat; just adjacent to his olive branches, not deep; only enough to mark him. Not even enough to draw blood. They were almost vertical, just slanted enough to look like what ever had done it was behind him. Or if he had done it himself the angle was perfect for his hands. They weren’t close together, about the space between three fingers of an adult.

Niall moved his fingers close to the marks and stopped. He looked up at Harry, whom had been watching Niall’s fingers, “May I?” he asked. Harry nodded slowly and Niall ran a thumb over the marks. As soon as he did Harry flinched in pain from a sting that ran over the spot Niall’s thumb was pressing against.

“That hurts.” Harry groaned. He pushed his shirt down and held his hand over the spot.

“How could that hurt, I barely touched you?” Niall asked.

Harry leaned forward a bit and applied pressure to his hip, “I don’t know. I know you barely touched me but it feels like your fingers were searing hot.”

Niall nodded and looked at Harry thoughtfully, “Harry, you’re haunted.”

Harry groaned again, the pain was dying down now it was almost enough for Harry to bear. “Niall this isn’t funny, I’m seriously freaking out.”

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