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September 19, 2006

Quarter to five, we were awakened by the clock's alarm. Past five, when we started to walk through Bautista. There, Chriz was still in his 'higaan' and was forced to get up due to our early arrival.

We didn't keep our intentions or reasons of presence. We really intend to go there because of Jazzy's severe cough and the intent of getting banana seedlings.

Past seven, my 'mag-ina' left Bautista. Then, Mama and I went downhill for the bananas.

We've got four seedlings --two of them were 'saba' and the other two were variety of 'butuan' and 'lakatan'.

Eight-thirty, I watched "Kabuhayang Swak na Swak', a business TV show of ABS-CBN. One of the segments of the show interests me. It was the story of a teacher who started to sell CDO products in their school. She started with a P500 capital. It has been a successful business. Thus, I jotted down the CDO number. I'll tell it to MJ.

Nine-thirty, the arrival of my 'mag-ina' startled me. I reckoned they would arrive in the afternoon. She related me the whole story.

She called at Lola's house. Tita Ning was the one who entertained her call, who slightly blamed her for telling it late (which was not true). She was then told by Lola to go home because Tito Jun might come with a veterinary. She hasn't even had a rest or eaten some breakfast.

On the way home, I have been so 'nanghihinayang' to the money spent for her fare-- which she knew a debt to Mama.

I cooked early since I felt hunger. I, then, again investigated Mj. Next thing happened was the worrying. God knows why.

Tiyo Ruben and a driver of a car arrived after I've finished my lunch. My greatest worry becomes fear.

I pretended. It was my fault..

I asked pardon to the Lord..

Finally, the fear becomes battle. Mj and Tiyo Ruben opposed. They're both hot-tempered due to the lost dog chain. Mj cried out her grievances. She was ignited by what Tiyo Ruben dialogued. the latter said: "Pinapasuweldo naman kayo.. Aso lang, di niyo maalagaan." It hurts me, too. My tears fell a bit. We, then, decided, after the two left without Jazzy, to leave this house or to quit this caretaking job as soon as possible.

One PM, I walked again to "Kanto ng Boso-Boso'. I would tell the incident to Mama.

There, my mother was affected. She actually agreed to our decision. She was worried about the pregnancy of Mj. I could see her tears in her eyes yet they stay there. I've then told her about our plan of getting married.

Four, my in-laws dropped by. They already have been in Cadcad since I saw the doghouse on the car. They told me to go home as Mj requested. So I did! Mama lent me P20 for fare.

Here, I cooked pancakes in a jiffy while investigating Mj about the reactions of her family. My in-laws were supportive to our decision. In fact, they would come back for our belongings.

Haay! It's so 'sayang'! I really don't want to leave. Yet, I have to accept the consequence of it. Besides, my wrong deed contributed to it.

"Lord God, pardon me. Don't let this known to Mj so as to her family and relatives. Let me learn my mistake. Bless us, God. Give me a milking cow. Amen!"

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