Chapter 3

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Camila's POV

can't you believe in one part of "All Of me" (Y/N) was looking at me...I think I was about to faint.

"Lets go" Dinah drags me into (Y/N)'s backstage

We enter and I see her talking with her sister, she is now wearing a cute dress.

"Hi guys" (Y/N) says turning her attention to the girls and I. "Look Shay they are the Fifth Harmony girls"

"Hi, nice to meet you" Shay says smiling at us

"Did you guys like the concert?" (Y/N) ask

"Yeah you were awesome" Dinah says and I see that Normani is now talking with Shay.

I see that (Y/N) comes my way and sits next to me on the couch...This is my time

"You have an incredible presence on stage" I say and (Y/N) starts smiling

"Thank you...I like to connect with the fans" (Y/N) says smiling

"Would you...Mmm go out some day with me, to have dinner?" I ask (Y/N) and she smirks at me because me because I am a little nervous

"I would love to, what If we go out for some air?" she says and we stand up and make our way out

(Y/N) grabs my hand and we climb some stairs until we reach a door and we enter, is like the rooftop of the venue and the view it's gorgeous.

We walk to the edge and this view is insane

"Wow" I say looking at my surroundings and looking at (Y/N) she is perfection

"It's rude to stare" She says and I blush

But I manage to speak "Sorry, It's just that you are so pretty..."

Now she is the one blushing, she looks at me and gets closer to me

"Thank you" she says and kisses so near my lips

Her lips against my skin feels so...good

"Do you mind if we take a selfie?" I ask her and she nods

Your POV

Camila is definitely flirting a little so I decide to follow her game, because God, she is so hot

I get closer to her so she can take the picture

"Okay..." I say and she is behind me, one arm around my waist and the other holding her phone.

I smile looking at the phone and she does the same

"Great" Camila mumbles

"Let me see" I say and we look cute together

"Can I post in on the gram?" Camila asks

"Only If you caption the picture with 'we woke up like this too'" I say and the both of us start laughing

She writes on her phone and I feel mine buzzing, I check and I see that it's from instagram, I open and I see that she posted the picture

@camila_cabello: With the one and only @mynameisnot(Y/N) ❤ *inserts selfie*

I hear that she is laughing and I give her a confused face

"This picture is so funny" Camila shows me a picture of Ashley and me making faces on one of those mirrors that make you heavy, or super skinny.

"That that was so funny...we were in Vancouver" I say smiling and missing home a little

"Do you miss home?" Camila asks me

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