Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter 14

I lifted my heavy eyelids, squinting when the reflecting of the white walls hit me.

This reminds me too much of the hospital. I was about to close my eyes and try to go back to sleep when a familiar tune hit my ears. I instantly knew it was Brendon, not only by the tone of the tune, but by how beautifully he sang it.

I never took him as a Backstreet Boys fan, though.

I slowly flipped over in the light blue bed to face him. He was lying on his side, facing me, and his hair was disheveled and pointing everywhere.

He let out a soft curse when his character fell off the cliff in the Temple Run game he was playing on his phone. As soon as his game started over, he went right back to humming the old nineties song, I Want It That Way.

I let a sly grin come on my face as I continued to watch him. His eyebrows would furrow whenever he lost the game, and a victorious smirk would come over when he was winning. He continued to hum the old song when I finally spoke up.

“I never really took you as a Backstreet Boys fan, Brendon. Is there something you wanna tell me?” I asked, giggling slightly, making his eyes widen.

He looked up at me and his cheeks turned slightly red.

“No-no, I was just-just, I umm, saw the poster over there,” He said, pointing to an old looking Backstreet Boys poster sticking out of the closet.

I laughed a little and reached up to dishevel his hair even more.

“It’s okay Brenny,” I said, knowing it would annoy him. “I like them too.”

“Yeah,” he said, slightly smiling. “They are kinda good-“

He was cut off when the door opened behind us.

A skinny red-headed girl walked in and widened her eyes when she saw us.

“Umm, hi?” Brendon asked, keeping his tone calm.

“I’m-uhh, Rachel, I’m Brandy’s cousin.” She said, pushing her wavy hair back with her hands, making me instantly jealous. I wish my hair looked like that.

She looked uncomfortable, and showed it plainly by picking at her nails that were inside her shorts pocket.

I can understand though. How would I feel if I walked into a room and saw two teenagers in bed together.

“And…?” Brendon trailed off, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, umm, Lia sent me up here to tell you guys that the pizza just got here and she wants you to come swimming.” The girl said, stepping outside the door, barely visible.

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