"Hey do you have any after school activities?" my best friend asked me.

"Yeah. School Newspaper" I said.

"Ugh, Ellie! When are you gonna start joining the fun clubs" she said and I ignored her. "Well I don't have any clubs so see you tomorrow?"



I walked in to the library where the club meeting was. Today was the first session. But I joined this club last year so I am quite fimiliar with it.

"Hello Ellie. I'm so glad you are back. Please, have a seat" the teacher said.

I can feel somebody looking at me from far but when I turned around, no one was watching.

"Thank you" I said and smiled.

Teacher got everyone to sit and talked about what the club is going to be all about and what our roles are and what we have to accomplish by the end of the year.

I have heard this before so I looked around to see who was in the club. I recoganize most of the people here. They are the smart ones who always get to run the school assembly for being smart. No one knows who I am except for the ones that were in this club last year.

I was about to turn my attention back to the teacher but then I saw a guy, he looked different. He didn't look smart and awkward like the other kid here. After a few seconds of staring I recoganzied him. His name is Cole.

He is one of the most studios boys in our grade. I always get really jealous of him because he is so good at everything I am not.

He was on my 'late' bus for the whole of last year and a little bit earlier. We have never talked. I helped him picked up his stuff once when a girl pushed him and he dropped everything. But that was it. He doesn't interact with people much and I don't like interacting with people who don't interact with me first so I guess there isn't going to be any interaction.

Two years ago when he was the new kid. He caught my attention and I kind of liked him but then of course we never interacted (that's a lot of interacts) so I had zero feeling towards him.

He probably felt me staring so he turned around. I quickly looked away and pretended that I was trying to tie my hair.

He looks kind of different. His used to be a lot younger looking and really short with this really weird haircut. He is taller now but he still has a weird (but different) haircut. He has this kind of-long-but-not really hair cut with like a side frienge. It doesn't really suit him..I think. I don't know maybe he always have looked like this...


I snapped out of my thoughts and realized the teacher called on me. "What? Oh sorry, I was..uh..thinking"

"I was just telling everyone that you will be the new president of school newspaper this year"

"What? Me?"

"Yes. You"

Oh no! I don't like being in charge. I'm too shy. I don't want to go up there and direct everybody


"You did a good job as vice president last year. I am promoting you"

"I just feel like I should give someone else a chance" I said and lookeda at Cole. He was fidgeting with his laptop.

"I want the best for our club, Ellie. By next session you have to pick a vice president"

"Okay then I guess" I said and tried to keep a straight face.



Ugh, great. A big bus. -.-

It's going to be loud and noisy and I probabaly won't have a seat to myself considering the number of people that's going to be on the bus.

"Name?" the bus monitor asked me.

"Ellie Storm. Year 11S"

"Okay, please take a seat and fasten your seat belt" she said. Our school have to take it down a notch.

As I walk along the aisles. I can see Cole sitting by the window seat in the back. Ugh, that guy has a seat all to himself.

I kept walking and saw that there was one person sitting in a 3 seat row opposite to Cole's 2-seat row. I threw my backpack down and sat on the edge. Great. I wanted a window seat so I can procrastinate.

I looked over at what Cole was doing. He was reading. As always. For the past year and a half.

I look out my laptop and started working on the write-up I have to do for school newspaper club. As I opened word document. I see Deric walking onto the bus.

My jaw dropped. I never knew that Deric was every going to be on my bus!

Deric is not that one cool guy at school to be seen with. He is just another normal guy at school who I think is cute and cool and nice and awesome and charming and everything. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. Nothing special, but I don't know...something about his complextion just catches me.

I don't like like him. It''s like a "hey I think you are cute and I don't want to embarass myself infront of you" like.

Deric walked up to where I was and looked for a seat. I can feel heat rising up to my cheek. . He looked around and decided to sit in the empty spot behind me.

I just got back my to doing my work.

"Hey bro, yah, your compound is on the bus 15 sheet right? Okay thnanks bro I'll see you after school"

Oh. I guess he will only be on my bus this once and never again.


The bus stopped at my gate and I stood up. So did Cole. Because this is his stop too. He stood in the aisle and gestured for me to go first.

"Thanks" I said.

I walked down the bus and Cole is right behind me.

Our houses are on the same zone of the compound but we've never talked. We just always walk in our own seperate ways.

I see Cole walk right past me and turned to the road down the right. So I turned left.

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