10 ways to love your self even more

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10) Accept the fact that everyone hates you. Even your parents. Why else would they yell at you almost everyday?

9) Change your name to "Insane" and nick name yourself "Liar." That's all your parents call you anyway.

8) Send your self to an insane asylum. You'll be doing your parents a favor by being gone for a year or two.

7) Always have a razor. Whenever someone says something to you, just run to the restroom and cut yourself.

6) Wear long sleeve. You have to hide your cuts somehow.

5) Cut your self until you fall asleep from blood lose. Trust me, you'll fell better.

4) Wear the tightest shirt and pants and basically any type of clothing you can find. Make sure you can barely breath, because every single step you take will hurt more and more. But be great full for all this pain! Remember you're doing the world a favor by killing off one mistake in the world.

3) Never trust anyone. No one. Not even best friends or cousins or anyone. Why do they need to know everything? They aren't going to be on your life forever. Or at least you aren't going to be in their life.

2) Make your parents allow you to stay home alone for at least 10 minutes. Gives you time to plan out your death right?

1) And number one. Kill your self. Blood lose, poison, hanging yourself, drowning on purpose. All these are good ways to die. But I would prefer the slowest and most pain full way to die. Because I know that as I scream and bleed and plead, I'm doing everyone a favor.

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