Deliciously Forbidden

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Deliciously Forbidden

Jason knew he shouldn't be doing this. He should never have accepted the offer his friends had presented to him. He should have never have agreed to accompany them to a strip club. His mother would never approve. But then again, there was something thrilling about breaking the rules, even if it as only for one night.

Jason followed his friends through the line to the front of the club where there was a beefy man checking people's IDs. Jason had his fake ID in the front pocket of his jeans, the one stating his name was Nico Bakeman and that he was 23. He honestly didn't know how he was going to pull it off, considering he was only 17 and that he looked 17. He had tried to look and act older, but to no avail. He was just Jason Heflin with the usual pimples scattered across his face and average looks, nothing particularly special.

As Jason neared the door, butterflies started to flit around in his stomach. He could hear the music and feel the beat under his feet. This man guarding the gateway to all those beautiful girls could decide how he would spend his night: In the club getting lap dances from gorgeous girls, or sitting in his room reading comic books and playing video games while eating cold pizza.

He soon reached the door and the man checks his ID, looking at it before looking back to him. The man eyed him suspiciously and for a second and Jason was sure he had been caught. Just as Jason was about to turn around and leave, the man gave him back his ID, and he made a motioned to Jason with his head to the door, signifying that Jason had passed the test and that he could enter.

Jason walked through the doorway, following his friends as they entered before him. Jason looked up and saw the club in all its glory. He watched the light as it hit the disco ball which contorted it and sent it off to bounce off the seemingly hundreds of sweaty bodies that occupied the dance floor. He saw strippers grinding on aroused men that looked as if they wanted to eat the girls whole. Half of Jason was thoroughly disgusted. The other half was enjoying seeing half naked women dance and grind up against sweaty men.

Jason walked over to the bar and sat on a bar stool, just watching all of this happen. He probably would have stayed that way if the bar tender hadn't tapped him on the shoulder and asked him if he would like a drink.

"Uh... I'm have a light beer please?" He asked, almost too innocently. The bar tender chuckled a bit before handing him a Coors Light and walking off to sell other people the alcoholic beverage of their choice.

Jason looked around the room when a certain stripper caught his eye. She had long, straight, jet black hair that reached almost to her butt, and a strapless bikini. He caught a glimpse of her eyes, and they were a dazzling hazel. Every curve was just perfect. She was beautiful to say the least. Jason didn't know why her was so attracted to her. She was just another stripper in another club.

Jason watched her as she turned her head towards him and started to walk over to him. He didn't realize that she was really coming towards him until she was right in front of him, a smile gracing her face.

"Would you like to dance?" She asked, in a calm and confident voice. He just stared at her, not quite sure of what to do.

"Well?" She asked, her hands on her hips.

"Uh... su-sure I wou-would l-like that." He stammered. He cursed internally for being so stupid.

"Well, come on then." She said, grabbing his hand and leading him onto the dance floor.

Jason didn't really know how to dance. He had never been the most coordinated boy, and he was a bit clumsy, but decided that tonight he was going to wing it. He didn't care if he looked like a dork. He wanted to have fun tonight and he wasn't going to let his self consciousness get in the way.

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