MegDawg Embarassment - Meghans PoV

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I'm so excited for Saturday night. Not only is it 5 days away, but I get to see Ariana Grande in concert! Connor knows she's my favorite, and he's taking me to see her for our first date! I'm so queezy inside, anxious for tomorrow as well. Tomorrow, well, I have a DJing gig! I'm going to be a DJ for our local high schools homecoming dance. And not only that, but Aubrie gets to help me! I will be able to mix songs, play whatever I want, and play requests!

As we arrive to Cici's, I order Alfredo pizza with pasta and a brownie. I attempted to be healthy, but I gave up; lulz. Me and Connor shared an Autumn Salad. It was delicous, with all the vegetables and seasonings and toppings. Afterwards, I was stuffed and super tired. I had to get another nap in before tonight. But two naps in one day, sounds crazy. Oh well. I go home and take a hour nap and wake up around 4:45. I need to be at the school by 5:30. So get on some funky makeup. Smokey eye eyeshadow, lots of mascara, and a violent pink blush. I crimped my hair to make it wavy, and I was good to go. I put on my favorite, lavender silk dress. I added some silver heels and a silver necklace. I went down the stairs and said I need a new name for tonight. I'm officially the one and only DJ, MegDawg. Super cheesy, but it's not like anyone will recognize me in this makeup.

It's 5:20. I head up to the school. I see all my old teachers. Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Barker, Miss White, Ahh the good days. I guess you can call them good anyway. I walk up, strutting in my fab heels and walk onto the dance floor. I break out in my best moves, when someone yells, "Look, it's the girl who someone started rumors about that she's dating Connor Franta!" then everyone came up to me, asking for autographs and questions. I studdered to answer each one, but I managed to do it. Once the dance was midway thorough, I finally was able to DJ the dance. There was a long line full of requested songs. I wrote them down as everyone left. I mixed a couple like "All about that bass" and "Bang Bang". Sooner or later, the danced ended, and everyone was still talking about the me and Connor Franta rumor, and my cheesy DJ name. I went home, with all my makeup running. I washed it off, and talked to Connor. He comforted me, and I fell asleep in his lap as he was explaining to me to have Faith, no matter what.

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