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Here's the promised update - on friday! Now that my life is a bit sorted out, I would be able to update at least two or maybe even three times a week! Srry for the delay though.

I looked around my new room in wonder. It was extravagant and the view offered by the floor to ceiling windows was breathtaking.

"You've got half- an-hour until the floor-master comes to pick you up" the woman who escorted us instructed and left.

Ours was a solitary wing, only with two sleek sliding doors facing each other. One was Michael's and the other led to my suite. It seemed like they had grouped us together even before we knew each other, what a good thing that we became friends. Or... it may have become a problem.

The empty corridor tucked behind layers upon layers of security was different from the many others that led off to other students' quarters. I couldn't shake the feeling that this wasn't just a privilege of having lordly blood. Heck, I didn't even know whether there were any more lords around here.

"I'll not be staying here, then why did I get a room?" I asked Michael, looking at the golden name plate that was nailed to the door.

"Maybe everyone gets one." He shrugged.

"or maybe your dad or Ken had a say in it" I mumbled under my breath. Thankfully, Michael didn't hear, or he ignored it.

"are there any more lords here?" I asked him.

"yup, sure there are. They're just the masters" he smirked.


"I mean teachers" Michael huffed.

"but you said that I was the youngest lord ever. And the other lords have to train too...right? So, there should be more lords with us, shouldn't they?"

"that's a long story. But long story cut short, everyone who grows up in an aligned planet gets the basic training. If not from here then from the academy on their planet or somewhere nearby, something like colleges on your planet. No matter who gets chosen, they all have the basic education and training, so, they only have to learn to control their power and for that they don't need to come here."

"oh, ok! How come you know so much about earth?"

"hold your curiosity, bro! you're literally vomiting the questions" but answering my question he explained "growing up in the palace, we didn't really have much to do except wreak havoc, plan mischief and read books. And you should see the library! Its mind blowing, amazing or a headache, depending on whether you like reading and books or not."

"hmm...nice" I replied but before I could bombard him with any more questions of mine, he chuckled and went into his room sliding the door shut behind him.

With a sigh I diverted my gaze back to the large living space in front of me, which would from now on be my second home. Once again, my eyes were drawn to the golden plate on the door with my name engraved on it with calligraphy. Never had I seen my name written so beautifully.

Sliding the door closed, I dumped my meager possessions on a nearby table. It was polished to such perfection that I could see my reflection in the black glass.

A huge king size bed occupied center space. It stood on elevated ground, on a two-step circular platform looking very inviting. On one side was another sliding door which led to the balcony overlooking the lush forest. Clear sunlight filtered through the gap in the blinds, illuminating the room and highlighting designs on the plush carpet under my feet.

'this is so not me' was my last though before I gave in to the temptations of sweet sleep. I crashed on the huge fluffy bed with countless pillows which seemed to envelope me in its warm and comfortable self. I didn't know what to make of all this luxury I had suddenly been dunked in, but I knew that I didn't have the energy to sort it all now just yet. As my eyes closed with exhaustion, dreamless sleep claimed me, and my body and brain shut up and had rest.

(including the annoying inner voice which you are endlessly arguing with. Oh, how happy I was when it went silent)

Little did I care about the time or the fact that I was sleeping on shining clean sheets with my muddy boots still on.

"DANIEL!" shouted a distinctly familiar male voice, peeling me away from peaceful nothingness as I opened my eyes to the face of a frustrated Michael clouding my vision.

"we. are. late. Just because of you, sleepyhead!" he stated in an accusatory tone.

I looked around, trying to remember what time of the day it was, how the heck did I end up here and what am I supposed to do now.

My groggy mind was clouded with sleep and wasn't being much of a help. And all the while Michael stared at me expectantly with his narrowed eyes and hands on his hips.

Since my sleepy/sleep-deprived/sleep-craving mind still couldn't figure out what the heck was happening, I covered up by doing some obvious things that I assumed were expected of me.

For starters, I slid off the bed looking guiltily on the now muddy sheets at the foot of the bed.

"I'm sorry" I apologized to no-one in particular.

Suddenly, the fog of sleepy confusion lifted, and my previous memories rushed back. My eyes widened in horror.

"We're late! The floor master's here?" I asked Michael.

He simply nodded with his lips pursed in a thin line – of anger most probably. Oh dear! The first day and I had already managed to broadcast my clumsiness (isn't my fault, no one should be expected to life two alternate lives in 24 hours).

I rushed to the washroom, splashing a palmful of water on my face, straightening the wrinkles on my t-shirt and heading out after making myself presentable.

As soon as we exited my room, I was met with the sour face of the floor master. He was bald and looked in his mid-forties but still had the composure of an intimidating man. His arms crossed on his chest, he stood straight with his legs slightly spread, weight perfectly divided on his feet.

He intimidated me.

"follow me" he ordered gruffly without a change in expression.

I gulped.

Surveying him, I reached to the conclusion that-

It seemed as if his spine was replaced with an iron pole up his a** and he had a face which looked like it was carved in granite. His stony expression resembling that of someone who had just drunk pure lemon juice with a pinch of salt and chili.

Michael was still ignoring me. What a tough start to the day! No... night (ugh whatever!)

Phew! thanks to my procrastination, I had to type out the whole thing today. Anyways, I hope it isnt too rushed and you enjoy it.


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