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Monique, you are the dearest,

My heart beats forth for you.

My only friend,

You never gave up on me.

Your pink lips,

Hazelnut eyes.

I'm only thinking:

"Why die?"

We've been friends since we were 6,

I can conclude that I'm the one who's leaving.

You begged to stay,

And you wanted Death himself to pay.

Before I leave, I'll know you'll find this,

Make sure to keep it a secret.

Hence, my arms are being held by Pain,

Cancer is pouring down on me like rain.

I wish I could stay,

I don't wanna leave.

We even planned for a roadtrip,

Not sure if I could come.

Still, just remember, I'm here for you,

I'll be watching.

Monique, I am in love with you,

You are my hiraeth.

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