Chapter 14: Liam and Louis (Smut)

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Isabella's pov

once harry says that I run, I run as far away, as im running all I hear is groaning and moaning, I peek closer to the door and I see liam rubbing himself on louis, but for some reason I cant look away. yes ive never had sex and im afraid too but that doesnt meam I dont get horny

all I see is louis taking liams shirt off and they cant see me but I can see them because of a big solid table that was too close to the door. as I look down, I see louis pants off and liam slide his hand in. right now I am so turned on by this, its ridiculous. At this moment all I wanted to do was touch myself, but I refrain, mainly because I never have. then i see louis taking liams pants off ccompletely and all I see is louis throwing liam on the leather chair as he goes lower and licks his abs. im so caught up and try to get a closer look that my hair clip hits the high table , unclips from my hair and falls onto the floor. OMG!! all I hear in slow motion and then...

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