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"hey don't cry." luke said.

"I just miss her." I said wiping the tears away.

"wanna teach me how to skate?" he said trying to lighten the mood up.

"if you fall and hurt yourself, not my fault" I said with a chuckle.

About 15 minutes of teaching luke and about 8 falls on his ass he finally got it.

"hey you got it!" I said in excitement.

"yeah all thanks to you" he said.

"oh my god there you are!" I hear Sammy yell.

You can hear that girl tell yell miles away.

"you ditch and didn't even answer your phone." she said getting mad.

"you bought him your happy place." she said sounding like it's a bad thing.

"sorry not to be rude, it's just she never brings anyone here but us" she said.

"oh." was all he said.

"while you're here, grab your board and let's have fun." I said.

"don't have to tell me twice. We already got our board." she said.

"I'll be back I'm going to get my phone." I said walking away.

"race you there." I hear luke say.

He skates pass me.

Looks like I'm gonna show him who's he's messing with.

"beat you!" he yelled.

"lucky shot." I said.

"just mad because the master just got owned by the student." he said.

Smart ass kid with wise ass mouth.

I shot him a death glare when he said that.

"shut up." I said.

Once I got my bag from the car. We headed back to everyone.

"wait..." he said.

Another kiss is stolen. Smooth Luke. Real smooth.

"3." he said.

"do you always count kisses when you steal from girls?" I asked.

"nope. Only when it's you." he said with a wink.

We skated back to where ever the hell my goons of a friend went to.

"fucking shit!" I hear one of the boys yell.

"what, what happen?!" I freaked out.

The freaking out was stupid. Dylan broke his board.... AGAIN. For like the 3 within 2mnths.

"not again." I groan.

"come on, I got a spare in my trunk." Taylor said. And they walked back to Taylors car.

"look what I found at home." I said to Sammy.

"you found your Polaroid!" she said in excitement.

"you two together..now!" she demand.

She took the photo and said ...

"you two are cute in this pic." while handing me the picture.

I look over at Luke who's looking at the ground blushing. That's cute.

"you're so awkward in the pic." I said laughing.

"shut up." he groan.

"it's a cute awkward." I said with a blush. I don't care that I'm blushing.

"let's call it our moments." he said with a smile and wrote the caption.

The time was already 4:15pm. So today I ditch half the day. And honestly I don't care if I got into trouble with school, I'm glad that I left. School makes me want to die more.

"When do your parents get back?" Sammy asked.

"Next week Monday, I think." I said.

"Sleepover?" She asked.

"YÄSS!" I hear Kayla yell.

"Fuck! you scared me!" Sammy yelled.

"And it was funny." She said laughing.

"Kayla this is Luke and Luke this is Kayla." I said introducing each other.

"So you're the Luke that likes Kat." She said.

Oh my god I'm going to kill her!

"Kayla!" I said giving that I'm going to kill you look.

"Yeah that's me." Luke said with a blush.

Wait... What? He didn't even deny it.

"Ha! I knew you like her!" Kayla said.

"Okay I'm going bye." I said real quick and skated to Sammy.

"Told you he likes!" Sammy yelled while skating faster.

"If we weren't all best friends I would so kill you guys." I said.

"Boo!" Taylor yelled jumping out of nowhere.

"Ahhh! You fucker!" I yelled.

"You made me fall off." I whined.

"C'mon little baby" Luke said lending a hand to help me up.

"Shut up." I said and got up.

"Luke!" Oh for the love of God even they're here.

"Ashton!" Luke said while doing that boy hug thing.

"What are you doing here?" Luke asked.

"Paige texted us saying that you were here." Calum said.

Oh Paige I am so going to kill you.

"See you've been hanging out with Rebs" Calum said with a smirk.

"Shouldn't you be like oh I don't know... Chasing after Alexia?" I said with smirk.

Alexia is another one of my friend attended same school as Kayla.

"Oooh someone got a crush!" Micheal yelled out loud.

"Speaking of Alexia here she comes." I said with a smirk.

"Kat!" Dylan yelled.

"I'll be over there if you need me." I said.

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