#6 The Disappearance of Haruno Sakura

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"Sensei What's wrong?!" Naruto asked while they are jumping on the tree branches.

"Did you heard the scream awhile ago? That was Sakura's voice. She might be in danger." Kakashi explained. Drip of sweat falling on his head.

Meanwhile, Naruto gulped in surprise. Shock. He run faster as Kakashi.

They stop running for awhile. They face two routes. One is from left, one is from right.

"Where do you think she went?" Naruto asked.

"I'll take the right route and you'll take the left Naruto." said Kakashi while pointing the left direction with his pointing finger. Naruto nods in agreement.

The left route is the way short-cut to Konoha.

While the right route is the short-cut to Konoha's one and only forest. The deadliest place to stay on in Konoha. The forest of death.

As Kakashi reach the forest full of different deadly creatures. He had an uncertain feeling that something might happen for Sakura if she enter the forest of death. He knows there's something she has been hiding. From him. From the others. He summon Pakkun and the company for help on finding Sakura.

"Please help me find Sakura." Kakashi said to his summon.

"Can't do this on your own?" Pakkun teases in complain.

"This..place is just to dangerous you know."

"You're aware that Sakura has now the strength of beating all the creatures here. She's not a kid anymore Kakashi. The kid from five years ago. You're also aware that she's seventeen now?" Pakkun slightly grinned at the last sentence.

"Quit it Pakkun. She's my student."

"Ex-student." Pakkun immediately corrected his master.

"Fine. My ex-student. If you don't want to help me just say so." Suddenly, Kakashi got annoyed.

"I'm just joking you. You know. You have no sense of humor. Old fart." Pakkun didn't wait Kakashi to reply and immediately run as he spoke the last word.

Kakashi sigh, and continue searching his 'ex-student'.

After five minutes, Pakkun returned. Bringing a pink kunoichi beside him. It's Sakura. Kakashi felt a huge relief as he saw her.

"Here's your lovely 'student' Kakashi. Can I go back now?" Pakkun says with a feeling of slight confidence as he was the one who found Sakura.

"Sure." As Kakashi spoke, Pakkun and the company immediately disappear leaving only the sound of 'poof' as they leave. That only leaves Kakashi and Sakura alone in a deadly but silent forest having the quitest atmosphere they ever had. After 30 seconds of complete silence, Kakashi spoke first.

"Where have you been?" Kakashi worriedly asked.

"Didn't I tell you that I'll just walk for some silence?" Sakura raises her right eyebrow in confusion. 'Why is Kakashi here? Why he is sweating like he's been locked up in a room with a temperature of 45° C.'

She has no idea that he's been worried so much. But of course Kakashi wouldn't say that.


Looks like both for Kakashi.

"What was that scream for?"

That question made Sakura realize that Kakashi was so worried for her. She sighs and tap Kakashi's right shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm okay. I just tripped. And that made me scream of course."

"By the way where's Naruto?" Sakura asks as she notice Naruto from nowhere.

"He- he was searching for you too." Kakashi reply.

For the nth time, Sakura sighs in a slight disappointment. She think her teammates still treat her like the annoying kid five years ago.

"You know, I can protect my self too. I'm not the annoying kid five years ago." Sakura said as she stare at the fireflies lighting themselves.

Perhaps Pakkun was right. No- He was right. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help but to worry." atlast Kakashi admitted he was worried.

After admitting it, Sakura can't help but ⒝⒧⒰⒮⒣⒠⒟ secretly as she hid her expression by looking somewhere. "Thank you though." she says softly.

Kakashi heard but he didn't replied. Sakura knew he must be embarrased or something.

"Anyway, let's find Naruto." Kakashi said out of nowhere.

"Oh right- Naruto!" Sakura raised her voice a little. She's worried that Naruto must be too worried too.

They continue walking towards the exit of the forest. Kakashi behind Sakura, watching her. He's still worried isn't he?

"What's wrong?" Kakashi asked as Sakura stopped walking.

"I feel dizzy." Sakura said as her mind starting to float. It feels like she was under in a strong genjutsu. No- everything around them. No- the whole forest is under of a very strong genjutsu. Group of flying crows appeared out of nowhere.

Kakashi is too busy performing some seal to dispel the genjutsu but it's too strong even him can't dispel it.

"Ka..kashi...sen..sei-" Sakura muttered as she's little by little disappearing.

"Sh^t!!!" Kakashi was too busy to find out how to dispel the genjutsu, he didn't realize that Sakura was disappearing.

It was all a trap.

He immediately run to Sakura, reaching her hand that was lifted for help. But it's too late. She disappeared in just a matter of milisecond leaving only her headband. Her Konoha headband, the symbol that she's a kunoichi of Konoha.

Kakashi is too stunned on what happened. Freeze. Staring at Sakura's headband. The things had happened today is still processing on his mind. Sakura's last words before she disappear. Calling out his name. Everything is still processing in his head.

This time, she disappeared not because she tripped. She disappeared because 'someone' has kidnapped her.

That's all the words he had process to his mind.



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