Alexiz's  POV

*Phone Ringing*

nagising ako dahil sa bwisit na cellphone.


"Chairman, yung meeting po ngayong 1" sabi ni Monique So ang Treasurer ng student council.

"okay, call the vice and that stupid secretary."

"yes, chairman but I think Prince Shon can not attend." tsk.  even our nerdy treasurer flirts with him. Maybe even a female dog can be inlove with that bastard. but of course I am way more handsome than he is.

"I don't care what are his excuses, call him and make him attend or I'll sue you and your family."

"Yes, P-prince A-alexiz" now that's how I like it, she's scared now that's why they call me harsh and arrogant.

After she said that I end the call. tsk stupid girl she's so weak. Now I have to get ready for that damn meeting of ours. Mainit na din pala dito sa rooftop I didn't notice. I am ready to get up when.

"huhhuhuhuI heard someone crying. what the, as far as I know I'm the only person here. I followed the sound when I'm almost near...

"hihihihihihihihi" The crying became an evil laugh.

"huhuhuhuhuhu" Then she cried again. what the hell is happening?

"who-o ever y-you are come out or I'm going to sue you!" Because nobody answered, I swallowed a lump before getting much more nearer.

"What the, are you kidding me?!"

Namumuro na sa akin itong babaeng to. I saw the girl that bump me and destroyed my polo. She's sleeping and that's my chance to look at her ID.

"Zyeih Scarlet Corales" Hmmp. I think I found our new toy. *smirk*

I'm still imagining horrifying things on how to torture her life. when suddenly...


"hihihihi I~Like~you~ My Prince.*snores*"  she-she what the hell is wrong with this girl the next thing I know is her dirty mouth on my cheeks. Damn this girl kissing me without permission.

I swear you'll never get awsy with this, I will come back and make your

high school a living hell.

Scarlet's POV

"haaahhhh!. Eh naktulog pala ako" matapos kong marealize na nakatulog ako saka ko lang napansin yung sticky note na nakatapal sa noo ko. Nagpaka dulingdulin na ako hindi ko parin mabasa yung nakasulat siyempre hindi ko tinanggal kaya hindi ko nabasa. Aiy! Bakit ko nga hindi tinanggal sa noo ko.?

Complicated Love (on-hold)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!