Friday, September 19, 2014

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Friday, September 19, 2014 ( I don't see why I keep putting the date up here when it's the title ._. )

                  Today I was at  school until 4PM!! Not because of some extra after school activity -_- My mom and sister's went to their open house and got stuck in traffic... And when they get there, I'm tired and I thought they were just being lazy or something, but nope! And my mom got all angry at me for not being worried about them!! And then somehow she got from talking about me not being worried to my dad and how he's never home!!! It's so confusing how people do that ._. I don't like talking to people like that...  Anyways, yeah, that happened

                 I played truth or dare today.. Fun game that is... It was only like my 5th time playing.. Yeah, I don't get out much :p POPCORN!! ... Idk.. Really, I don't... Except some kids bring popcorn to school for lunch ._. Did you know my nickname is popcorn? No? Oh well, it is.. In my family at least.. Because.. Well.. I think it was because I like to jump and bounce a lot ( My mind is acting really pervy atm, so that sounded so wrong XD )

                  Anyways yeah... OMG!! I saw a bright flash come from my neighbor's backyard at 1AM ( I couldn't sleep >.> ) and it creeped me out!! A cop even came to check it out today and said that someone or something had been in their backyard O.O Creepy, right?

                Well.... That's all!! Bye Bye!!!

~Ky out~

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