As soon as he made eye contact with me I knew who it was. Firstly it was my dear friend from my childhood. Secondly it was Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer. And with him Luke, Calum and my... brother?

I have butterflies when I see Michael again.

Or maybe I just need to puke.

The last time I saw Michael was the time we broke up.

Even thinking about it makes me sad. I cried for weeks. I didn't want him to leave but I pushed him away. I pushed him away to the point where he needed to leave. He wanted to stay with me but I was scared. Way to scared for the kind of relationship he wanted. He was always so sweet and when he brought up the future it was scary. So I decided to be with a new guy every night. I know they didn't want to take it any further than that so there were no names no numbers just the vague memory of getting drunk.

"Excuse me ma'am?" I heard a voice say. I snapped out of my trance in a hurry.

"Oh sorry..." I turn around quickly and am face to face with who I once thought was the love of my life but now is just a rising star.

I feel the tension rise up in my stomach and the bike coming up in my throat.

I walk around him, dispite the urge to go and hug him and tell him I'm sorry. For now I just have to do my job.

"Would you gentlemen like something to eat?" I say as Michael joins them at their table.

They all look at Michael who is closest to me and give him a look. But he is too stunned to speak I think.

Well if this wasn't my job I would be too.

They eventually all decide on chceeseburgers and fries. And after they are done they all stand up to leave. But Michael stays back and tells them he'll be right there.

"Hey" he says, with almost a twinge of awkwardness in there. Of course it was awkward it's Michael we are talking about.

"How are you?" I ask not even thinking about what I'm getting myself into. See even after all those guys I am not over him.

"Good" he breathed. Putting his hands in his pockets. And I half expected him to just leave but he pulls a note out of his pocket and gives it to me.

The last time he gave me a not it was a break up note. And he read it to me. So when he pulled it out my heart sank. Lower than Jack did on the titanic.

But he has a smile on his face. Why is he smiling? If I didn't still love/hate him I would punch that smile right off his face.

He takes back the note and opens it and starts to read it.

He reads " Dear Makaila, I saw you here a couple days ago, that's why I'm here now. I need to tell you that im can't go back to how it was before" before he could go on my heart jumped out of my chest and i hugged him. Just because I missed him. Knowing I wasn't letting go he went on. "And I need you back in my life. If that's friendship or something more I need you." I couldn't let him go on.

And that is how my new chapter with Michael started.

With a kiss.

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