Chapter 15: the dream

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RayDark woke up, not in moonstar's guest room though but in the dark forest. he looked around confused he then saw nightmare dragging a huge bag. The bag was big enough to carry another person it seemed to be moving

"Nightmare!" Raydark yelled and hissed trying to attack Nightmare. he just fell right through him. RayDark was a ghost.Just now noticing that he was semi transparent. This wasn't a dream. It was a vision. Nightmare dropped the bag down in the cave with a loud thud. Nightmare started mixing potions in his caldron. The bag seemed to move again. A person was trapped inside. RayDark could hear muffled screams but they were barely audible. RayDark came closer bit then he heard movement behind him Nightmare was now standing over him. Blood and salvia dripping from his sharp fangs his eyes glowing red.

"Time to put you back where you came from" Nightmare growled his voice now demonic. It seemed to echo in RayDarks mind he was frozen he couldn't move a muscle. Then he heard the scream.


RayDark woke up with a jolt, his heart was pounding his breathing was fast. He couldn't stop shaking. The vision felt so real. But it was just a dream right? RayDark looked outside at the full moon high in the sky. He got a bit worried. He understood the vision was fake, but it was the scream that got him confused. It sounded familiar. He heard that scream once before, but not in a dream, he heard it the night of the fire. Then it finally hit RayDark.

It was moonstar's scream....

RayDark gasped at this realization he ran out of his room into Moonstar's room. Moonstar was gone.

The window was shattered the curtains shredded. There were familiar reptilian footprints on the carpet moonstar's covers were on the floor. There was a note on the bed. RayDark quickly grabbed it.

"Dear RayDark,

You need to learn, never underestimate a nightmare. Now if you want this peasant come and get her... ~Nightmare "

RayDark gasped dropping the note. He growled in anger his eyes now glowing red. He put on his muddy black boots and black hoodie he put his hood up and put his knife in his belt. He knew that someone was going to die tonight.... and he was hoping it wouldn't be him.

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