Chapter Twenty Four

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His parents had all gone to get ready for some dinner thing that they hadn't invited Zayn to.

In my opinion, it was incredibly rude. But it was sort of okay because we were dancing again, this time it was just messing around.

Zayn was laughing, and he was twirling me, and spinning me, and we were holding each other's hands as we waved our arms back and forth and it was just... It was almost as wonderful as Zayn was

His smile reached his eyes for once, and while his cruel family got ready, we just enjoyed ourselves alone, in one of the most appropriate ways possible.

He twirled me again, and I laughed in delight, spinning back to him.

He was so smiley, it almost made my heart pop.

He had such a handsome smile, especially when it was real like this.

My eyes never left his, and his never left mine.

One more twirl and he came up behind me, putting his arms around my hips

"I think we're going to dance till the sun comes up again" he whispered

"You're off your rocker, sir"

He let go and spun me back to him, laughing still.

I was so hypnotised by his smile as he continued to twirl me under his arms that when he twirled me back to caress my cheek, I didn't notice Trisha in the doorway

"ahem" she cleared her throat

Zayn's smile faltered, and he stepped back awkwardly, letting go of me

"Do you boys want to come along or stay?"

Zayn's eyes fell to his feet as my own smile vanished... She was inviting us along?

I looked over at Zayn who looked incredibly uncomfortable

"I think we'll stay in tonight" I told Trisha "we're having fun"

"Alright well, I'll see you both later tonight" Trisha forced a smile to Zayn "enjoy yourselves"

"You look really beautiful" I told her

"Thanks Niall" She smiled

And then she left.

Zayn sighed and I averted my attention to him.

I closed the door and convinced him to keep dancing with me.

And soon enough, he was laughing again, holding me and spinning me, and chasing after me.

And the entire time he wore a smile, the entire time he had that sparkle in those eyes that I'd so desperately wanted to see.

And by ten in the evening, I was exhausted, he was too, and we were cuddled up on the couch kissing.

I'd discovered that when it came to dancing Zayn and I were as bad as each other, but it was good because we both found each other's moved hilarious.

I wondered how much further our relationship would go because in two weeks, I'd scored myself a boyfriend who couldn't keep his hands off me that I couldn't keep my own hands off.

I don't know what my brother was talking about, I don't know how Trisha sees any bad in this boy because he is so good to me. He tries, but it seems like the only reason he's rude to his parents is because he thinks that everything they'll ever say to him is horrid.

But half the time I'm afraid when they talk to Zayn because the way they speak about him is inappropriate.

He's their son, and they need to treat him like that instead of their personal punching bag they can hit verbally whenever they feel like it.

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