Chapter 2

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Jackie's POV:

I walked in to school and everyone's eyes turned toward me. Damn it! I just kept walking not minding all the stares. I finally got to my first hour. All the seats were taken so I went and sat in the back behind a boy with brown hair. He was soooo cute! " Hey I'm Cameron." He said. " Hey I'm Jackie." I was obviously blushing! " It's nice to meet you!" Cameron said. " It's nice to meet you too!" What the hell is he doing to me! " I can be your tour guide for the rest of the day so at lunch just come and find me...?" He whispered. " Okay. Thanks. I don't really know anyone here." " It's okay. We are friends now so don't be worried. " He smiled when he said it. He has a beautiful smile. Dang!! This boy is perfect! I thought. But he would never like me. " Yea! We are friends so I guess I'll be alright."

I got through all my classes and it was finally time for lunch. I got my food and looked for Cameron since you know he told me to. I found him and he saw me and waved me over. " Hey! These are my friends! " He pointed to a boy with blondish hair and a cute smile. " That's Matt." Next was a boy with brown spiky hair and beautiful blue eyes. " That's Nash." They all smiled at me and shook my hand." Hey! I'm Jackie. I'm new . It's nice to meet you guys!" We talked for the rest of lunch and had a great time.

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