Steve's POV (Disguised as Jeb)

As I tiptoe through these metallic halls for the first time, my heart rate increases faster and faster. But luckily I've saved a plan this entire time for me. I just didnt tell anyone about it. The silver double doors lie right ahead of me now, and the windows on them are lit. I carefully place my ear close to the door, and there is nothing but silence and small footsteps. Am I too late? Fudgecakes. I forgot to think of an approach to this plan. Should I just call out Notch's name? I am Jeb, you know. I took a deep breath and just chose the boss action method and kicked the door down. 

"NOTCH!" I yelled. "I have been looking for Diana everywhere! What is the meaning of this?" I've said all of that as if I was really pissed, but it was just because I'm nervous of my simple average plan that may not work. 

"Jeb! So glad you came. This girl is the reason why my mom can't play minecraft!" He quickly walked away from Diana. She just sits there staring at me. Does she think I'm the real Jeb? 

"What??" She said with a quick response. "No! I-"

"Silence!" Notch yells back at her. "Theres something I've been working on and she have been ruining it!" 

"Why is she even here in the first place to begin with?" I said. He told me about when she gave me gamemode, the plan to destroy me, and her "niceinator". I had to stop from chuckling when he whined about me on the monitor pwning his wither boss. 

"I dont understand why you captured her just for giving Steve gamemode." Things were getting serious now. "Were you planning to release her anytime soon or was the punishment permanent?"

That made him freeze. "I don't know.. But she has ruined my very important plans and now this is what she deserves!" He said with his hand pointing at Diana. "Your plans aren't so interesting to me, and you can fix them. Release her at once." I commanded Notch. I felt like a boss. Only because Jeb was the boss right? "I need her for something even more important than your thing."

"And what is that?" He questioned.

"Top secret information that is, you don't need to know. Now let her go, or I have to take action and do it myself, and when I do that you have consequences."

He let out a big sigh as he walked over to his control panel with a cracked screen on it. I wonder what happened to it? "Also give her OP!" I called over to him. "She has never deserved this."

I quickly run over to Diana, untie her from the ceiling, and place her back on her feet. 

"Oh, Jeb! I can't you enough! Now I need to go see someone ASAP." She whispered to me as she tried walking past me. I grabbed her arm and said, "Listen." I was doing the extremely-quiet-whisper tone. "I am Steve. If you don't know him, this guy named Honeydew hacked into the skin studio to change my skin and trick Notch into setting you free. Now when he gives you OP, and when I give you the elbow, Deop him immediately and follow what I do. I came like I said, to bust you out of here." 

She just stood there, eyes wide, and then she rubbed them which didn't help anything at all. "Oh my goodness! You actually made me think you were Jeb! Your acting skills are better than mine!" She whispers in excitement.

"Oh, its nothing." I say. 

Suddenly she glowed a bright yellow for a quick second and then back to normal. She receieved OP. She slowly walks to stand behind me as I turn to Notch.

"There you go." Notch slowly turns around, with a frown on his face. "Now can you kindly leave me to my business?" He says a little harsh.

"Not. Just. Yet." I say. I tap Diana with my elbow. She quickly flicks her arm to Notch and two glowing lights escape from his body. A yellow one and a purple one. Why did he have a purple light? It looked kind of like a virus. The yellow light was his OP powers.

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